Last year instead making New Year resolutions, I tried A Life More Inspired’s ‘Write Your 2020 Story’. Every day on the planet is a blessing. I wanted to be more mindful and practice gratitude, while achieving goals that were aligned with that purpose. Then, the Coronavirus hit and the nation went into lockdown. Despite its challenges, I’ve achieved some of my goals for 2020 and grown as an individual. Nonetheless, at the dawn of 2021, I felt blue. Perhaps it was because I knew another lockdown was eminent and so I signed up for ‘Write Your 2021 Story. On Day 3, I was tasked with choosing my word of the year. Suddenly, ‘Move’ popped into my head. Odd, since we were in lockdown by that time but I felt it was critical for my mental health. The revelation that came to me was that ‘move’ doesn’t only require physical movement.


Freedom is a state of mind

‘Move’ makes me feel free. In the throes of finding ways to cope with the second lockdown that I realised part of the journey to freedom is the mind-set. I was watching a programme on tele when I heard a character recounting a life lesson his mother taught him. It truly resonated with me;

As long as you have a book and a bike, you will always be free.

It’s not verbatim but practically what was said. Now, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m scared of my bike … long story … but the essence of the message went to my core. I wish I’d made a note of where I heard it! My take-away from it was that whatever your circumstances, freedom starts in the mind.


4 Ways to move

The word ‘move’ will remind me not to ‘settle’ but to always be open and learning. It will keep the adventurer inside of me alive, always seeking new thrills and opportunities.

The four ways I will move this year will be:

  • Exercise
  • Imagination
  • Planning
  • Taking more chances



When I returned to work, after the Christmas holidays, I resumed walking there. Slowly, I began to feel better. It didn’t matter that the morning was cold and the sky was grey. During my walk, I pondered; why was ‘move’ so important to me this year? Perhaps, it’s tied-in with faith and courage. Dare to step into the light.

During the last lockdown, my family and I began going for walks. I especially enjoyed the woodland walks. Communing with nature felt reverent. I was reminded of hiking in my youth. My mind’s eye took me back the waterfalls, rivers, streams and forest they had beheld.

No matter how busy my day is those 30 minutes walking to and from work are mine. The exercise clears my head.




Where would we be without an imagination? My kids get annoyed when I tell them ‘only boring people get bored’. Sure enough they soon find a book to read or a game to play.

Reading has always been my escape route. During the times when I physically couldn’t go anywhere, books took me to spaces and places I didn’t have access to. True, I don’t always have time to read books but I’ve discovered a couple wonderful magazines. Just to look at them I feel better. I feel understood. They also fill me with aspiration.


When I did Write Your 2020 Story, I could see in the corner of my eye what I wanted. It was thrilling and scary almost to see how the things that were written down came into being and those that I was afraid to admit to stayed just out to reach, still in my periphery vision

This year I knew I need go deeper. I bought myself an affirmation diary. The diary allows me to write my ‘To Do’s ‘and be inspired all in a one.


Take Chance

To me, ‘move’ connotes change, taking a chance or leap of faith if you will. I don’t know if I will ever learn to ride a bike or drive, they may require a different set of skills. Nonetheless, I can still take chances in other areas of my life. I can move.

Do you have a word of the year? Have you set resolutions? What gets your fired up at the start of the year?

Comment below, I would love to hear from you.



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