Now at 4o years of age with two small children, I’m a curvier version of my 20 something self. I can no longer pop into a high street store and pick something of the rack. I have to invest the time to stay and try-on my selections, to be sure they fit well. Earlier this week, I saw that CircusMums (Tinuke) was running a competition for Marisota  on her blog. The prize was to win a VIP experience at their pop up shop in Central London. I tried my luck and I won one of the five places available. I prepped and preened myself all excited to head up to the city for a fun evening out. After reading Tinuke’s experience, I felt certain that I would have a wonderful experience myself . Unfortunately, my VIP experience at the Marisota pop up shop was not all I hoped it would be.


The Promise

VIP Marisota Experience which will include a ‘Shapeover’ from their team of Shapology experts, (led by TV stylist Mark Heyes)


The Expectation

I’d arrive, be ushered into shop. I’d stroll around looking at the collection. At some point, I’d probably meet Mark Hayes, if he was available to have a quick chat about what outfits would suit my figure without ageing me. At the very least, I’d receive some advice on what styles and cuts would fit me best. As I was there as a blogger, I expected to be properly informed about the Shapeology concept or be given a press release about it. Additionally,  I thought there’d be a nice festive vibe with refreshments and so on., it was a Saturday evening after all. Then, if I so desired I could make use of my 20% discount and treat myself to something nice.


The Reality

I was greeted by friendly helpful staff. I was offered a drink, then asked what did I have in mind to get today, or something of that nature. I could be wrong but it felt like a sales led question. I indicated that I was interested in control lingerie, something to nip me in. I was told that the cuts and styles  of the Marisota clothing would give the illusion of a waist. I was shown a few pieces that had a control lining. I said that I was also be interested in a nice maxi dress something I could dress up or wear casual. I was shown a few dresses and other pieces from the current collection.

I agreed to try on a few items, as I was told that there was no pressure to buy. I’m the sort of shopper who doesn’t try unless I plan to buy. While trying the on, I began to feel that it was expected I would buy something. I was reminded about the discount.  Staff kindly hung up items that I liked and would consider. They we all very nice and complementary about the pieces I tried on, but I felt it was all leading up to a sale. I don’t know maybe its just me.




I was happy with everything I tired on. All the pieces fit well and complemented my figure.  However, some styles made me look more mature than I’m ready to look. One of the standout pieces for me was the Mark Hayes Collarless Jacket.  It’s a WONDERFUL! I tried it on with a dress, as well as with a jeans and blouse. Its the kind of piece you will use over and over again in many different was. I think it will be a popular piece in the collection. Unfortunately, it only comes in black. In hindsight I should have ordered the jacket instead of the blouse I ordered. In the end, I ordered a pair of WOW slim leg jeans (if I do say so myself I looked HOT!). I also ordered a crochet trim tunic and a Mark Hayes maxi dress.

While I’m totally happy with the items I ordered and staff were friendly and helpful, the VIP experience was  lack luster.  I felt a bit rushed in the changing room. I was booked in for the 4-6 pm time slot. While I didn’t say at the start I was a blogger, I assumed as I was booked in staff would be aware. I came away with a bitter sweet feeling. Maybe I had unrealistic expectations… I wonder if I was booked in for an earlier time, would my experience would have been different?

Despite my experience at the event, I would say that Marisota is a brand that the curvier, fuller-figured lady should try. Their clothing fit well, looks great and gives the confidence and security to step out in style. The pop up shop is currently on tour. Click this link to find out where they will be next. I’ve got the ‘CanWear’ attitude! And I look forward to receiving my purchases soon.


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