I’ve been following Content Creator Lidia for YEARS! Her fashion snaps and shoe cams are to die for. From time to time we share books buyers. For the third instalment of My Special Place, Lidia talks about her city Dallas, Texas.


About Lidia


Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Lidia Sithole. I’m 43yrs old. I’m a foodie and fashion lover. I’m a wife and mom living in Plano, TX.

Plano is a city that is part of the Dallas/ Ft. Worth Metroplex. Yes, this area is huge. Confusing. We consider ourselves small town feel, in a large city setting.


How long have you been living in your town/city?

I have lived here since 2005, so 16years. A whole teenager! Before that I was some type of a nomad. I’ve been traveling a lot since childhood.

Texas is the longest that I have lived in one location. So, this is my home.


How has the Coronavirus impacted the way you travel around your town/city?

Okay, so Texas doesn’t fear Covid enough. We have had lockdowns but we were one of the first states to reopen. Despite the pandemic life has continued here. Navigating life in a pandemic has not been stressful at all. It’s pretty much business as usual, with a mask.

We drive everywhere because everything is so far apart. I think cities that rely on metro and underground had a tougher issue than we did.


Before Visiting Dallas


What’s one thing people should know about your town/city before visiting?

When you think of Texas, most people think cowboys and the show Dallas with JR. Well, it’s not as country as you would expect! First of all, the size of the state is like a whole country! Everything is bigger. Seriously. From the highways, the roads, the personalities, the buildings, cars, homes.

Nobody is bashful. Everyone is loud and in your face and proud to be Texas. When you come here you will be shocked at the diversity of cultures. There is a large international community here.


Best Time To Visit Dallas


When is the best time to visit your town/city?

The best time to come to Dallas, I would say is Spring – Summer; April to September. We have a long long warm season and mild winters usually.
The warmer season is the best time so you can enjoy outdoor activities and events.


What is the biggest event on your town’s cultural calendar?

The biggest cultural event? Right at the top of my head I can stay the Dallas State Fair. It’s huge and brings millions of people into town. The fair goes on for a couple of weeks. There is a historical football game between two rival universities. Football (the American kind, is basically a religion here).

Monthly, there are all types of events and festivals surrounding holidays, sports and religions too.

State Fair of Texas

Eating Out In Dallas


When you are out and about with your family where do you like to go?

We like to try out new places and experience different cuisines. It really depends on the mood. We use the app, YELP. It lists all restaurants and review from people. You can make reservations etc.

Lidia's daughter

My little one is an extremely picky eater. I try to take her out to eat, so she can experience different dishes and try other foods. We like to check out cafes and bakeries. She’s also is an artist, so we visit museums and exhibits a lot.


Do you have a hidden gem or special place(s) in town/city? Where is it and why is it your favourite?

Hidden gems (plural) I don’t have just one. I have a few. Dallas has a lot more restaurants than NYC. Yeah imagine that. Basically, we could dine twice a day for a whole year without repeating. The options are a lot.



I hope you enjoyed Lidia’s interview. You can find her on Instagram where she blows us all away with her vibrant chic fashion sense, shoe cam and good reads

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