My earliest makeup related memory takes me back to around age seven, as a young girl in Trinidad. I loved to play with my mother’s and grandmother’s makeup.  Mum used to wear a gorgeous rich brown lipstick. My grandmother (her mum) on the other hand went for pretty pinks and peaches for her lips and blues, greens and pinks for eyes. She was of a fairer complexion to my mum and me. If memory serves me, her face powder of choice was Corn Silk. I had a field day with those colours, unknown to them I think. As a young woman, on special occasions I went for spicy browns, burnt-oranges and muted golds. I also began to focus on establishing a good skincare regime for my sensitive skin. My grandmother advised never use soap to wash my face. I also learnt that aloe vera was good as a mask. By the time I left Trinidad for England in 2001, I had my tried and true makeup that I brought with me.



I didn’t wear makeup on a regular basis, so what I had lasted me ages. I don’t remember purchasing new makeup until 2006 for my wedding. Although I purchased my bridal makeup from two or three places. I didn’t think much about it at the time. I was caught up in the excitement of my upcoming nuptials. It wasn’t until I became a stay at home mum, four years later that the process of purchasing makeup began to frustrate me. I couldn’t trek to my usual places to shop. I couldn’t shop online because the swatches shown were not on human. I began to rely on blogs and vlogs reviews to help me decide what to purchase.

A few months ago I heard out about the Melariche website. Melariche is online beauty retailer for women of colour.




It’s frustrating that there is a lack of makeup variety on Great British High Street, for women of colour. It’s even more of a challenge, for those of us with sensitive skin. Like me,  my daughter has sensitive eczema prone skin. I don’t want her to have the same challenges to find suitable skincare and beauty products when she grows up. I’m grateful to Melariche for setting the benchmark for the beauty and skincare needs of women of colour. Melariche curates products that address concerns common amongst women with melanin-rich skin.

They stock skincare, haircare and beauty products. It was founded by Jacqueline Taiwo, lawyer turned beauty entrepreneur. Jacqueline knows first-hand the difficulties women of colour face when searching for beauty products. She kindly sent me with a sample of products that Melariche has to offer.  I was pleased to see they were all ideal for me.  I received:

  • Toner- Yours Truly Organics, organic skin care whose UK products  are approved by Ecocert and suitable for vegetarians for additional measure.
  • Face Mask- Akoma Skincare which produces and supplies certified fairtrade, organic & vegan products & Ingredients.
  • Cream Foundation- Zao Organic a premium organic certified make-up brand
  • Eyeshadows- PHB Ethical Beauty whose products are handmade in the UK using natural & organic ingredients & eco-friendly packaging. Vegan, Cruelty Free & Alcohol Free.


That Special Feeling


My Melariche products made me special. Every woman has the right to feel special and thought of. I don’t want to be an after-thought or ignored. Thanks to Melariche, brown beauties have a one stop shop with products that are just for us. Visit the Melariche website for more information on the brand a full listing of the products they provide.

Additionally, you can search harshtag #mymelarichestory to join the conversation. We would love to hear about makeup shopping experiences.


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