I’ve been a regular gym-goer since my twenties, in order to manage my weight. Yes, I was a chubby kid. It wasn’t until I become mother that I would experience major weight gain. Since then my size has fluctuated. Now I’m in menopause I also have the menopause middle to deal with. Nonetheless, whatever my size, exercise has been a big part of my life. Honestly, I enjoy it.  Exercise keeps me focused and grounded. Eight weeks ago, I began the couch to 5k running app to add a new dimension to my exercise regime. My tummy is finally going down due to the running combined with a menopause friendly diet.  My regime suits my current phase of life. Let me share  my fitness journey with you.


Keeping Motivated

I stay motivated by finding workouts I enjoy. For a long time Zumba has been my thing. I also  had a gym buddy which meant even on days that I didn’t want to workout, I knew I couldn’t let her down. When she began full time work, I incorporated swimming and aquaerobics. While I felt fit I still had a spare tire instead of toned abs.

Recently hubby and I have been using the Couch 5K app. During the week, I run at my gym either on the treadmill or the track. On weekends, we go as a family. Hubby and I run and the kids weather scoot or cycle. I can now run for 25 minutes without a break. I’m so proud.

I still enjoy Zumba and swimming, running is just another part of my routine now.


Getting pass the sticking point

My biggest battle yet is the menopause middle. It’s especially frustrating because how I feel doesn’t fit what I see in the mirror. I hate dieting; my mind rebels at the word. Mention diet and suddenly I have the urge to eat everything in sight.  Then about one week ago, I discovered a new magazine in ASDA, The Smart Woman’s guide to Menopause. It had helpful tips on how to alter my diet to tackle fatty tummy.

I’m now telling myself the diet change is a lifestyle. On the bright side, the meals are yummy, it’s just getting used to less sugar, salt and certain snacks that’s challenging. Fingers crossed after a few weeks my body and mind will be used to the alteration.  I’ll keep you posted on how I get one.


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