I had my hair and my mind blown this last week! It all began when I attended the Hedrin press event, at Duck & Dry salon, London. If you didn’t know about Hedrin, it’s the brand that makes head lice treatments. Hedrin is not a pesticide, so the lice never get used to it. They have a new product which is a treatment shampoo (more on that in an upcoming review post) At the event, bloggers were briefed on the product.  Then, we were treated to a hairdo. I’ve not worn my hair straight in over 7 years, but I put my hair in the hands of stylist Jo who washed, blow dried and straightened my hair.  I left Duck & Dry feeling 20 years younger with a pep in my step, after my hair straightening. 

Duck & Dry Ambience


From Duck & Dry’s entrance, the main staircase greeted me with an affirmation, ‘Sure, life isn’t perfect but my hair is.’ There’s nothing like a good hairdo, right? Up the stairs and into a pretty parlour painted with white with accents of celestial blues.  Pride of place was their fairy-tale swing set against a backdrop of flowers. The hair bar has a spacious open plan layout which allows free flow of stylist and clients. Each styling station looks like an outer space pod with lighted mirrors.

Duck & Dry also has a nail bar which has a peach and rose gold theme. Me likie! Frankly it’s what a girl’s dreams are made of.  What better way to kick start a girls’ day out, then having your hair and nails done? There’s a mini bar; choose from coffee, tea, juice OR prosecco. Don’t mind if I do!  The waiting area is small and they are usually busy; so book first to avoid disappointment.


Hair Straightening and Styling 


I’m protective of my hair. Since going natural I’ve been to the salon/barber’s maybe 10 times, in the past seven years.  It was a leap of faith that I took to go with Jo’s suggestion to try a blow dry. I kept repeating over and over, ‘I’m trusting you Jo’, all the way to the shampoo station. By the time he’d begun the blow out I knew I was in a safe pair of hand. Jo used a combination of L’Oreal and Duck & Dry’s own hair products on my curls. It took about an hour for him to complete his wizardry.  When the style was completed, I had lose waves. Best of all, my hair was ultra-light, silky, shiny and bouncy. The experience was almost better than sex. I certainly left with a smile on face and a girlish gait.

My visit taught me how much I love my hair and how sacred the relationship is between client and stylist. If you’ve ever had a bad salon experience you will know what I mean. It’s a vulnerable position to be seated in that chair but I’m sure glad I did.

Final Thoughts On My Natural Hair Straightening 


The blow out  was a treat which allowed me to switch things up and see what my natural hair can do. I would luv do it again sometime in the future.

My advice is; if you wear your natural curls but you’re considering a blowout, ask the questions you need to ensure the stylist knows how to treat your hair.


Have had a blowout recently? How did it go? How did you care for our hair after it was blown out/straightened? Tell us, by commenting below.


(updated 26th May 2020)




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