Yes, I did it again. I wanted to wait until my 50th birthday next year for a look update but I couldn’t wait. I’ve had a big chop. Some months ago, I noticed the hair at the crown of my head was thinner. Although I had developed a permanent centre parting after years two plait styles, it was never that visible. My mum adored Buffy from the USA sitcom Family Affairs so she used to style my hair like Buffy. When was older the two plaits tucked under like a loop updated to two cornrows. Finally, when I could style my own hair, out of habit I combed my, two pony tails with a centre parting. Flash-forward thirty plus year with the onset of menopause, there’s this gap on my crown. Through into mix a summer heatwave… I had my 4th big chop because the menopause made me do it.

postpartum shedding

How Menopause Affects Hair

‘They’ say the hair is a woman’s beauty whether or not you buy into that thinking, hair loss of any kind can be distressing. It’s not the first time I’ve lost hair either. A few months after Miss V was born I experienced postpartum shedding. I was not prepared for that because no one told me that could happen. The hair at both my temples had shed. Back then, Jamaican Black Castor oil was my friend! Show me a nautralista who hasn’t tried the JBCO Challenge. While hair thinning or hair loss in menopause can occur due to hormones changes, it can also be genetic.

Some women may develop Female Patter Hair Loss (FPHL). The reduction in oestrogen during menopause can be a cause factor of FPHL. Oestrogen helps to protect hair in the ‘growing phase’. Research suggest that hair loss should settle after a while. However, if in doubt, check it out.

Another side effect for some women is a change in hair texture and possibly shine. Basically, at this phase of life you need to update your hair care regime.

My 4th Hair Big Chop

Some years ago when I had my last big shop I wrote about my discomfort at going to a barber. The vibe is different. Thankfully, a mate recommended another barber. From my first visit, I knew this was the place for me; speed, precision, artistry and best of all customer care. Over the summer I rocked a TWA (teeny weeny afro) with a flower marked into the back of my head. The look was fire! Rather than making me feel boyish, I felt ultra-feminine and sexy. It’s look that hubby and our kids took to immediately. Still, my son was proud that his friends like it too. So my street style cred is good.

On returning to work, I had the flower shaved off. These days, I maintain the style by having a monthly trim and reshape at the barber. Still loving the look! My edges and crown are grateful for the break.

new hair cut

How I Care For My Hair Now

I had so much fun with my natural hair in 2022. However, my big chop was the biggest moment. Firstly, let say I’m enjoying my TWA so much! Secondly, just like when I was pregnant, suddenly I’m noticing how many women my age also have short hair. It’s so liberating. During the heatwave my hair was up in a bun most of the time. Even though my hair thinning was not severe, I didn’t want to cause damage to the hairline to boot. Having a big chop means less hair manipulation is required to style my hair. Twist-outs and braid-outs be gone! Additionally, I don’t need heat to dry my hair. As my hair dries naturally my curls give the illusion of volume. No sulphate and no parabens shampoos and conditioners are a staple. Hydration is also key. It’s great not just for my skin, hair benefits as well.


Living the short hair life

One of the ways I keep my TWA looking fresh is my having regular trims. If  I have a special even then, I funk up the look by adding lines (marks) in my hair. In the feature picture I had a flower. On my birthday I went for something more geometric. TWA geometric markings


Since my hair is already short, I’ll have to think of away to up the ante for my 50th birthday. Watch this space!

Have you noticed any changes to your during menopause? How do you keep your hair looking and feeling healthy?

Comment below I would love to hear from you.


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