My Mummy is Superwoman is the second picture book by Casey Elisha and Illustrated by Aliecee Cumming. The Tiger Tales reviewed her first book Love Thy ‘Fro , last year. The kids enjoyed it. Between the two picture books Casey also published My Empowerment Diary, which allows children to ‘express themselves creatively while beginning to document their thoughts and positively affirm themselves.’ My Mummy is Superwoman is another empowering tale told by a little girl who adores her mum. Unlike most book that I read with the kids, I opted to read this book alone with Valentina because a ‘mummy and me’ vibe to it. Valentina I had a lovely afternoon reading and looking at the pictures in My Mummy is Superwoman.



Our Thoughts on My Mummy is Superwoman


At the start of the My Mummy is Superwoman, the little says to us:

I’ve got a big secret, are you ready? Here goes… my mummy is superwoman, but no one’s supposed to know!’

I love that start. Kids love secret, they probably feel it’s cheeky and fun. Clever way to start a story. She goes on to share with us, all the ways her mum is Superwoman. It’s a sweet, endearing and simple story. The mum in this book is the way some of us mums hope our little girls see us, and the way many of us strive to be seen. I chose to read the book with only Valentina because, I felt the content would have made Angelo feel left out.

Sometimes he feels a bit left out because of how I care and groom Valentina. His hair type and skin type is different to hers. She has curly hair and is eczema prone. Of course he’s boy! Naturally there are things that I would have to do for her that I don’t need to do for him.

Although we talked about his feelings, sometimes it’s a bit tricky. It could easily have been a boy telling the story but because it’s not, I think boys may feel that it’s for little girls and their mums. Usually, I can talk the kids out of that way of thinking that way, when the main character is a girl. In this case of My Mummy is Superwoman, I think is an excellent read for mother’s and daughters.

Valentina’s best bit: seeing the mum fly

My best bit: seeing mum dance around the room, the way I do.

My Mummy is Superwoman reads like a diary. At the back of the book, little readers can put a picture of their superman. They can also write a bit about who are the superwomen in their lives, along with what type of superwoman they would like to be. Valentina was fascinated by that part of the book. It would be interesting to read what she will write when she can write.



Were To Buy


My Mummy is Superwoman is aimed at 3- 6 year olds. It can be bought online from Casey Elisha’s website. The book RRP £5.99.


(updated 4th October 2020)



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