This weekend has been more busy than most of the last few months! It started with my shopping expedition with Baby V on Friday. I thought it was time that I bought her a few girly pieces and for me, some stuff for my post bump figure. I’m back in my pre-bump clothes (a womanly size 16). However, since I had a clear-out early my pregnancy to cater for the downsized living space in our new home, I now don’t have much fit to be seen in. Ever the nervous shopper when I have my newborn, I was a bit anxious when Baby V kicked off in Mothercare, thankfully, one member of staff said a lil ‘shhhh’ to her and she was cool again. Small wonder I love that shop, I tend only shop in town centres that have one, I feel strangely more secure knowing that I can rush in there do a quick nappy change, breast feed and shop all  in rapid session.

I find it challenging to find things for my post bump figure, as I’m unsure what is flattering during this time. In the end, I had some fun selecting pieces for Baby V  before focusing on me. For my my kids I like fun age appropriate pieces, for myself  I like neat, classic, functional garments that can support me as I’m a commuter. I need to be free to dash and dive with the greatest of ease,  should the given situation arise.

All set for retail therapy on Friday

We went to:

  • Mothercare
  • Primark
  • TK Maxx
  • Matalan

I only managed to find two tops that I could both afford and wear for breastfeeding Baby V on our days out. They along with the dark blue boot cut jeans from Primark were my best buys, I think.

Baby V relaxed and ready to go


Functional Fashion


Functional Fashion and baby wearing
Baby V & Me

I used one of my new combos for my second shopping trip to the Mum2Market sale in my area. Armed in my new casual/sporty outfit, Angelo in his buggy and Baby V in her sling I headed off to the sale but not before grabbing my favourite drink of the moment Vanilla Spice Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. Its sexy tasty. It reminds of the Saturday dinners back in Trinidad. Here’s some of what I found, including a lovely breast-feeding wrap from Honeyberry … I went for the dragonfly print as a homage to her star sign on the Chinese calendar, a dragon…




Then with the kids and shopping in tow I headed home on the bus. I have to say I’m proud of myself for stepping out of my house.  I found cool things for the kids but I also discovered there’s a fab new cafe (Little Squiggles Cafe) that is REALLY child-friendly as its setup with children in mind. AND AND there is a new gym called Shapers for WOMEN ONLY! Yes you heard me WOMEN ONLY, damned if I know when I can pop in and check it out but I sure would like to do some time before the summer.

Isn’t it amazing what you can find just outside your door in the BIG WORLD, beyond your own little cocoon?!


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