I suffer from mild topical dermatitis. From time to time I have what seems to me to be random flair ups that can last from a few days to months. Last summer it I suffered terribly. My left hand developed a dry cracked itchy patch, it took months to get rid of it. It may have been due to the extensive hand-washing I did during a period when one of my children and I was trying to prevent contamination to the other. I was so embarrassed about my hand, I kept it in my pocket as much as possible. Suddenly one day it was better. Now, its winter and I’m being extra careful with my hands. As a mum of two with a nursery run, messy play and all manner of child-led activities my hands come under serious bashing. The secret to my soft supple healthy good looking hands? My winter hand care regime includes organic products and keeping hydrated.



Mum Life


My children are both under the age of five years, which I my beauty regime must be quick and easy. As a result, began using more pure organic products towards the end of summer last year. It’s usually the case that oils and butters in their pure raw form can be used in various ways. Therefore, my hands benefit directly and indirectly from my beauty product selection. I can apply a product to my face but I don’t have to wash it off my hands because it’s not harmful.


Brands  Love


At the moment, my top products for keep my hands moisturised are:Liha Idan Oil, Antipodes Joyful Hand and Body cream, Shea Butter Cottage Unrefined Shea Butter, Avene Xera Calm AD crème,  Got To Be Natural pure organic avocado butters,  as well as Tropic Isle Living Khus Khus Body Butter. I don’t have a particular order or time in which to use them. With oils and butters I just grab and go, whichever is around when I need to use it. On a good day, I’ll moisturise after every hand wash. On a more hectic day I’d probably moisturise 2 -3 during the day and once again before bed. When I’m out and about I prefer to wash my hands rather than use hand gels because they can be very drying for me.



Hand Care and Aesthetics


In terms of the aesthetic of my hand, I keep my nails very short in a square shape. I cut, file, moisturise and I polish my nails.  I use the QVS etched glass nail file its brilliant! It’s gentle and doesn’t chaff my nails the way metal or emery boards can do. Bonus, it the glass nail file can be sanitise and reused. In winter I’m like sparkly glitzy nails colours in deep teals or greens, mauves and purples. Sometimes I style my ring finger nail as a feature nail and only put sparkle on that one. Having my nails freshly polish lifts my spirits and makes me smile. This winter the nail polishes I’m partial to are: Muvala, Sally Hansen’s and Maybelline Colours Show, they’ve got tones that look great against my skin tone.

If I’m in a rush then, I go for Rimmel London 60 second dry nail polish. Rimmel London does a lovely glitter top coat that can transform a nail polish into something new and sparkly. Sally Hansen has an amazing crackle effect top coat that can add a bit of drama to a new or old favourite polish. I rarely purchase nail polish online but I’m currently lusting after Julep’s new collection. The Juelp collection is striking and I absolutely adore the purples. They are to die for!



Additonal Tips For Winter


Lastly, but just as important, I try my best to keep well hydrated during the winter months. Don’t under estimate how the much central heating can dry you out. The skin is the largest organ in the body, it stand to reason that it must be hydrated to assist in its proper functioning.

How do you care for you hands during the winter months? Do you winterize your nail style? What’s your favourite brand and colour this season?




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