My family and I are real cheese lovers.  So I was pleased to  trial a  selection of Mu Cheeses  for the purpose of this review. Unfairly I was I thought some of them might have had a synthetic taste but MU cheese is far from that. The flavour is strong and the texture is rich and creamy  MU has been exclusively sourced from Ireland, from well fed cows to fully ensure a delicious taste that will soon have your family moo-ing for more. Available in six exciting varieties from Tesco, MU’s eye catching packaging will be loved by kids and adults alike. In every dish the flavour of  Mu cheese delights the palette. 

As a stay at home mum, perish the thought that I have time to spare. My children are still quite young and need my assistance throughout the day. Therefore menus and ingredients that are quick and easy to use are ALWAYS a hit with me. I have to say that Mu cheese ticks the boxes for me. All the cheese taste yummy but, my personal favourite is the Cheddar Patz. Lovely for grownup salad platters but still fun to tempt kids. They can be used to make cute and creative platters for kids the shape of faces or animals, whatever your creative culinary imagination can come up with.  NO I did’t use mine in that way but here’s how I did …

Mu cheese dishes

Mu cheese dishes

… scrambled eggs, with pasta, and in sandwiches.

My second favourite was the grated cheese. Now THAT! saved me a dull task and time on several occasions. I know there are other brands that do the same. So, why MU cheese, I’ll get to that  but I have say I also liked the cheddar sticks. Angelo loves his finger snacks and the sticks an easy option. Now for the healthy bit:

  • Vitamin A- Plays a vital role in vision, bone growth, cell division and the immune system.
  • Vitamin B12- Crucial for blood and cell formation, maintaining the nervous system and protein metabolism.
  • Calcium- Helps build strong bones and teeth. Eating 20g of cheddar cheese is the equivalent to a 200ml glass of milk.
  • Vitamin D- Needed to facilitate the absorption  of calcium and assist in the formation of strong bones.
  • Protein- Essential for forming the building blocks of the body.

Additionally, the clever packaging makes it a good buy for both mums and all in the family. For recipe ideas for you Mu CLICK this link . For more about the range and nutritional advice CLICK HERE. Additionally, you can get social and follow Mu on Facebook or on YouTube.


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