My new healthy living regime is in full swing. Resuming my gym membership kick started my desire to be healthy and fit again. I absolutely love going to the gym. What I don’t like so much, is the sweating. After a workout session I look as though I’ve just come in out of the rain, which is also easily done considering the current British summer we’ve been having. I heard about Sure’s new antiperspirant and I wanted to try it. Sure’s Motionsense™ antiperspirant is perfect for active individuals.

‘Sure has created the world’s first antiperspirant containing breakthrough Motionsense™ technology that is activated directly by movement. The new variants for women come is Sure Compressed Shower Fresh and Sure Compressed Cotton Dry. The features of this breakthrough antiperspirant are: –

  • The compressed packaging now means that Sure is the perfect size to fit in your handbag
  • Motionsense™ technology means that Sure contains microcapsules that burst with friction so the more you move, the more it protects.’
#newmumfitness image courtesy Kiddicare

#newmumfitness image courtesy Kiddicare

I’ve been using Sure’s Motionsense™ for one month. It lives up to its promises. It keeps my underarms dry, and feeling fresh. The fact that it can do that after a Zumba sessions is remarkable to me. I like both fragrances but the Cotton Dry is my favourite. Upon application, the Cotton Dry makes me feel as though I’ve put on a crisp white cotton shirt. The only downside for me is that aerosols make me sneeze. It’s a sinus thing, which is why I normally use roll-on antiperspirants. I reserve the spray for gym sessions when I need the extra assurance I’m smelling good throughout my workout. On the intermittent hot summer days, I’ve opted to use Motionsense™ when I’ve been out and about with my children. Because of its handy portable size, I recently took it with me to a new mum fitness event. Throughout the entire dance-infused session I was dry and feeling fine.

Sure Motionsense

Image courtesy Mischief PR

Be assured, Sure Motionsense™ will keep you fresh, dry and smelling great all day long. Visit Sure’s website for more details on Motionsense™ and their other products.

Please note this is not a sponsored post, however, I was sent the two items above trial for the purpose of this review.


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