Finding time for yourself is every mother’s challenge. If there’s anything good that’s come from the current global pandemic, it’s that we’ve slowed down in one way or another. True, we are home schooling, working from home and dealing with other life demands. Still, lockdown has also allowed us to return to ole past times like knitting, walking, wild swimming and writing. From my own experience, two years ago I was struggling to read a magazine. Now my favourite magazines are Simple Things and Oh Magazine. I consider it an act of self-care to flip through their pages and read the inspiring stories within. Starting with magazines, I’ve been spurred on to return to my love of reading books. I’ve even joined a book club for the first time ever.  As Mother’s Day is around the corner here are my top 15 books for gifting.
fiction books

Fiction Books

Sometimes reading can be an escape, dramatic, thrilling or soothing. I’ve cried real tears over a book. For mums who enjoy a fictional drama each of the five books below left a mark on my heart. Find one that your mum or carer would enjoy reading from the ones listed below.

Title Author Website 
The Friend Dorothy Koomson
Valley of Amazement Amy Tan
Crazy Rich Asians Kevin Kwan
The Familiar Stacey Halls
Where Rainbows End Cecilia Ahern
Small Island Andrea Levy
Girl Women Other Bernadine Evaristo


non fiction

Non Fiction

Non-fiction is a good way to learn new things, broaden your knowledge, and inspire. I read Walden by Henry David Theroux in my late teens, when I was sure I’d be a hermit or a nun. Look how that turned out! My favourite essay is Reading and as I’ve reread it, now that I’m older I realise he only referred to the education and reading of me. Nonetheless, it still left an impression on men.

If we stripe our lives back to the essentials, life could feel more rewarding and less burdened.  Living the simple life opens our hearts and minds. Walden is on my list, along with the following 7 book, some I’ve read and some I’ve bought to read:


Title Author Website
Good Hair Charlotte Mensah
Skincare Caroline Hirons
I Am Not Your Baby Mother C. Brathwaite
Niksen Olga Mecking
Bringing Up Race  Uju Askia
This Black Body  Emily Bernard
Becoming Michelle Obama


I hope I’ve inspired you and you’ve found the perfect book for your mother/carer (special lady in your life) .


What books have gifted recently? Why did you choose it? Are you reading anything interesting at the moment, comment below I would love to hear from you.



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