Last Monday, I was reading the interview with Jamie and Jools Oliver  in the current issue of Red Magazine. I’d read that Jools had a new collection out with Mothercare. and I wished I’d the chance to meet her or see the clothing at a press event. Later that evening, while checking my emails I spotted an email with MothercaseSS15 in the subject. My heart started pounding. Do I dare hope it was an invitation to an event?! Anxiously I opened the email. YES!  It was an invitation to attend the MothercareSS15 showcase! Immediately I began running through my mind my childcare options. As luck would have it the event was running for two days and hubby had a half day off on the afternoon of the second day. We were both due to attend Angelo’s first parent evening at nursery.  Last Thursday my family and I attended Angelo’s parent afternoon, and then I dashed off to Central London for the MothercareSS15 showcase.

Mothercare is a brand that’s close to my heart. As a first time older mum to Angelo, I anxious about going outdoors. I was also nervous about breast feeding in public. Mothercare was my safe haven. Honestly, I’d not go into any town or shopping mall that didn’t have Mothercare, it was like a place of refuge for me. Naturally I couldn’t leave without buying an item or two for my darling boy, it would be rude not to, don’t you think… also the first pregnancy book I read was Jools’.  Added to that, the Tuesday of that week was Angelo’s 4th Birthday. It’s safe to say I was a bit sentimental by the time I arrived at the Rook & Raven, Central London.

After my warm welcome at the Rook & Raven, I went directly to view the new Tusk Trust collection. I’d been made aware of the new collaboration between Mothercare and the conservation charity in the email with the invitation. I’d spent some time perusing their website looking at a few video clips and found the organisation to be inspirational and forward thinking in its approach to conservation. They seem target the challenge of balancing growing human need and the care for wildlife and the environment conservation from a 360 angle. In my mind this collaboration is a truly inspired decision, which came into being when a Mothecare designer saw one of Tusk Trust’s films and decided to pitch for the collaboration.

Tusk Trust Collection

Tusk Trust Collection SS15

The designs from the collaboration are beautiful and uplifting. I’m quite fond of the baby pillow with the elephant motif which has the saying ‘Life is for living’.  It’s a fitting motto for little ones to start their lives.  They should grow into to the mind-set to enjoy and live life to its fullest but also be socially aware. The animal-inspired collection 4% of sales will be donated to Tusk for animal conservation of endangered species. The nursery collection features burnt-ochre and sweet caramel colours. Since its unisex expectant parents can’t go wrong they decide not find out the sex of baby until birth day.

This is the third year of Jools Oliver’s partnership with Mothercare. I was blown away by the use of colour in her collection. It has a very positive happy vibe. I’m a adore rainbows for many reasons, one of which is the idea of hope and a bright future. There are some children who seem to be born with the team blue or team pink banner.

Little Bird Collection

Little Bird Collection SS15

However, I’m grateful to Jools (and BabyK) for using a palette that will speak to the parent and child who’s sensitive and creative. Children who want to go beyond the expected. Angelo and Valentina sometimes like wearing the same things.  It’s refreshing to have a range that has unisex pieces that both a brother and sister will love. I was not surprised to find out that the collection is inspired by Jool’s own childhood and love of 1970’s fashion. The range has been extended to fit up to eight year olds.

Baby K I’ve loved for a long time. It’s the creation of Designer, Musical, TV presenter and mum-of-tow Myeleene Klass. This is her sixth year with her exclusive collection for Mothercare.  I used to fantasize about Angelo being a Baby K baby. His first Baby K piece was a teal glitter with gold thread stitched detail in 2010. . It might have been for a girl, but I loved it too much to not to buy. However as he proudly tells me (quite rightly too) he’s only a baby in the pictures. He’s not a baby anymore.

Baby K Collection

Baby K Collection SS15

Like most children Angelo quite likes daisies. He’s always picking them for me when we are out and about. I was touched to see that daisies are one of the motifs in the Baby K’s SS15 collection.  The collection uses a white navy and citrus yellow palette but there are a few coral pink pieces which are quite cute, as well. The girl’s collection has a 50’s twist with full skirts and Peter Pan collars. The boy’s collection is has rock ‘n’ roll slogan tees in aqua blue and neon orange. Additionally there are crew and polo neck T-shirts with bold contrasting collar.

Mothercare’s own collection is adorable. The Mothecare range includes: Indigo, Field Trip, Cute Kawaii, San Remo, Sunday Best, Pool Side and Summer Pop.  As a whole seem pull the best elements from the collaborative collections and have created a collection that works well on its own but can be themed with pieces of the partnerships.

Mothercare Collection

Mothercare Collection S15

There is an adorable safari like baby boy’s polo top. Some gorgeous baby girls dresses in yellow and white.  It was hard not to get broody but as my kids are older I was drawn the trendy red letterman and the girls navy blue and white dress. I must also mention (for the Sci-Fi Star War fan) the awesome babygro and onesie with the Star Wars them.  They are super cute but also set up the thinking of aiming or the stars, living life which is vital for new young life.

Although they are not captured in this post, at the MothercareSS15 there were other collections on show. There was Little Royals which is a collection from French fashion house Calison and Blooming Marvellous. All of the SS15 collections will be available to purchase from Mothercare stores from 1st Feburary. To see photos from the event, please search hashtags #MothercareSS15 #LittlebirdbyJools #LittleRoyals and #TuskTrust.


Please note this is not a sponsored post, however I did receive a guest goodie bag


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