When my eldest was a toddler, he went through a brief biting phase. I spoke to an assistant at the Children’s Centre. sShe explained that children sometimes did that when they didn’t have the words yet to express themselves. From that day, I began helping him learn how to the different emotions by through talking, gestures and facial expressions and questions. Sometimes, I felt silly asking toddler ‘are you sad or are you angry?’ while making the facial expressions.  In time his words and conversation skills grew. When his sister came along we both helped her work out how to express her feelings. Now both children are able to express themselves clearly and sort out their own upsets, most of the times.  I really like the idea of the adorable collectable, Moji Pops. We were sent some to review. Moji Pops are emotion-based collectable toys that will charm you.

About Moji Pops


Moji Pops super cute collectibles based on popular emoticons. They are suited for age 4-6. There are 90 different characters to collect in Series 1, each one fits into one of eight categories from daily life: Pets, Music, Home, Food, Nature, Spot, Travel AND Glitter (ultra-rare).

One of the features that make Moji Pops stand out from other collectibles is their swappable moods (faces). Children can switch their character’s mood from sleepy to happy, sad to cool, and so on. There are six different-coloured face pieces, each with two distinct emotions to alternate between. They come as:


  • Story sets  (RRP £2.50 each  12 different boxed)  which include two Moji Pops and a mini stage
  • Photo Pop blister packs (RRP £7 each, 6 different bagged) containing four Moji Pops, photo booth-style accessories, display stand and a mini photo booth
  • Blister Glitter Surprise (RRP £10,  8 pack) which includes  6 Moji Pops plus 2 surprise ultra-rare Glitter Moji Pops
  • I Like…’ playsets  (RRP£12, 4 different sets)  contain two themed Moji Pops, various pieces of scenery and accessories

The Moji Pops We Received


For our review we were sent a selection of Moji Pops:

  • 2 x I Like Playset (I like Ice Cream and I like Party)
  • 1 x Blister Glitter Surprise
  • 4 x Story playsets
  • 10 blind bags

They are brightly coloured and deliver a sensory feel good factor. The characters are squidgy which both children liked, but more so my youngest. She always has something small in her hand fidgeting with for comfort and focus.  The characters are small enough to fit in a pocket. Play sets are also easily portable in a kiddie knapsack. They are super easy to take anywhere AND waterproof so they can be used as part of splash fun and messy play.

Trialling Moji Pops

After testing for a few days Ang said he liked them because they’re adorable. He really liked the swapping face/mood feature and how come pieces had moveable parts. For examples the ‘I Like Ice Cream’ playset.  The scoter’s wheels could rotate and the ice box at the back could open.  He used the box to store a few faces, in order to play on the go.

Vallie also liked the mood swap feature. It was fun for her to change character’s faces. She said it was like changing different outfits to be fancy. The playsets from the Story Box and the ‘I Like…’ range thrilled her. She enjoyed making up stories and playing school.

As a family, we like using little characters like Moji Pops when the children are doing maths home learning.   Of course there are other ways, but it helps if they have fun relatable pieces.



Moji Pops are fun new collectable playset that’s all emotion. They are fun and great for little ones to role play and create their own stories.

For more information on the products visit the Magic Box Toys website.

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