Back during the Easter period,  I won a few products from the Mixed Roots range. Mixed Roots is a 6 step system that’s been created for curly kinky hair and they are free from parabens and mineral oils. In my little hamper I received a trial sized Deep Moisture Conditioner; Curl Control Leave-in- Lotion, Curl Stretching Custard and full size Curl Refresher Finishing Spray.  Although Mixed Roots System has not been created for colour treated hair, most of the products worked for me.

Mixed Roots Deep Conditioner is rich. However, it has a good slip and detangling my hair was easy. The fragrance is mild and pleasant. My hair felt very soft, bouncy and manageable after I’d rinsed the product out.

On Day 1

After washing and conditioning my hair, I applied the Leave-in Lotion. The leave-in-lotion is creamy but not too heavy. I followed up with organic oil (from another brand) then I applied the Curl Stretching Custard. The custard will not give length, what does is prevent dreaded shrinkage. I’m not fussed by shrinkage, I work with. However, I was amazed to see that my hair experienced very little shrinkage after the two-strand twists had dried.

My hair felt really soft and silky but I’m not a fan of the fragrance. It’s not all unpleasant, just personal choice. The product works best on hair that has not been colour treated. Prior to winning the hamper I used the custard and it worked even better for me then. My hair was much more moisturized. You will see from my images that the parts of my hair that was not coloured (the back) looks even better than the part that has been coloured (the front).

mixed roots

On Day 3

I used the Curl Refresher Finishing Spray on two-day old twist out. Although, my hair looked good I didn’t like the feel. The refresher spray makes my hair feel a little ‘clammy’ for want of a better word. As I said my looked good and the product did as it promised. It did give shine and de-frizzed the hair but for me but I didn’t like the feel. Perhaps it’s the glycerine content. I know glycerine works well for many natural ladies but I’m not a fan of it for my hair.


I’m mindful that some naturals don’t like hair typing but I’ve found that it helpful to me for finding products that work. I think that the Mixed Roots System will work best on type 3 hair. I believe that I have 3b and 3c texture hair and prior to my colour treatment it worked for me. Depending on the length and thickness of the user’s hair a 59ml sachet will give two uses. I’ve not yet used all the products from the range, I reckon as complete system it will work for users with non-colour treated type 3 hair.


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