As you know, I recently trialled Mixed Chicks kids haircare on Valentina. Her hair responded really well to the products. Then I went on to try their latest product, the Morning After Redefining Foam. I’m not a fan of mousses or foams. I’ve always thought it was for straight hair. Since I’ve been natural, I think I only used a hair mousse once. Nonetheless, as an avid Mixed Chicks fan I was willing to try the product. Mixed Chicks’ Morning After Redefining Foam can tackle serious bed head and win.

In order to maintain the curls from a washngo, you need to pineapple your hair at night. Most times, I don’t.  So… the morning after I need to redefine my curls. I’ve used Mixed Chicks Morning After Redefining Foam on a few occasions. Following the directions, I applied the foam all over my hair, when it was dry. It’s super quick and easy to use. Usually 3-4 pumps were enough for me to see the results. My curls sprung back to life and my hair wasn’t  wet. There was no need to add heat for my hair to dry, this would make the foam a good winter hairstyling product. I did notice that the day after my first trial my hair felt dry. I think that was due to my bleached highlights. I changed my regime and included hair oil after the foam was applied. There was an improvement, so I continued to use the foam in this way. (Mixed Chicks Hair Silk Serum will be an excellent follow as well, instead of oil.) My hair still looked great but it was softer and more hydrated. I think the foam will give best results on healthy natural 3b and 2b curly hair.

Mixed Chicks’ Morning After Redefining Foam is a good product for nautualistas to have in their cabinet. It’s a good go to styling product when you are in a rush. The foam is RRP £11.95 (100ML) at Boots, in fact the entire range is available at Boots. You can find Mixed Chicks UK on Twitter and Instagram  and don’t forget to check me out on Instagram  too for updates on my haircare regime.




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