I began using Mixed Chicks when I was about two years into my hair journey. I’d heard good things about the range for a while. It wasn’t until spring 2012 that I was able to purchase it at Afro Hair & Beauty Live, when the founder Wendi Levy and  Kim Etheredge brought Mixed Chicks from the USA to the UK market. The following year returned to the show to stocked up. On that occasion, I had the pleasure of meeting Kim Etheredge and her darling daughter who was a few months younger than Valentina. Valentina as too young to use the products then. Over the years I found other products for my curly hair type. It was not as easy to find affordable easily accessible products for Valentina’s curly type until more recently. However, when I was approached to review Mixed Chicks kids haircare I was happy to do so because its a brand dear to my heart. Her hair responded well to the products I had, as I thought they might. Mixed Chicks kids haircare is perfect for kids with looser curl patterns.

The Trial Products

I received some sample sachets of Mixed Chicks kids haircare for Valentina. We used them for three consecutive weekend washes. The products we received from the range were:

  • Mixed Chicks Kids Shampoo 8oz £9.90
  • Mixed Chick Kids Conditioner 8oz £9.90
  • Mixed Chicks Kids Leave-in-Conditioner 8oz £9.90

Product trial process

I used the products in the order listed above. The shampoo is Sulfate-free but it did lather well. When it was rinsed out Valentina’s hair felt super clean. I followed up with the conditioner which processed quickly. I was able to detangle her hair while the product was still in because it had good slip. After rinsing out the conditioner, I towel dried her hair. I then parted her hair into roughly eight sections. Then, I applied Leave-in-Conditioner to each section one by one before blow drying. After blow drying, I applied hair oil before plaiting it.   Valentina’s hair looked and felt super soft and silky after styling. The fragrance of the range is unisex, so boys and girls alike will like it.


I was very pleased with the result Mixed Chicks kids haircare. The products didn’t way Valentina’s hair down. They conditioned and smoothed her hair which allowed the natural curls to look their best natural formation. You can shop the range from British Curlies there’s also a tangle tamer available in the range.  It would be ideal for weekday styling. You can purchase individual products or the quad pack which includes the tangle tamer RRP £37.50.

Visit the Mixed Chicks website to find more about their different ranges. You can also find them on Twitter.

Feature image from Mixed Chicks website


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