Autumn Winter is a busy time for our family. Both Angelo and I have birthdays in November, followed by Valentina in December. Not to mention Christmas waiting in the wings. One year older and both kids are have grown physically and matured more emotionally. Recently, hubby was feeling a bit broody. He sat late one night looking at their baby videos. I don’t get broody like him, looking back reminds me too much of the difficult depressive early days. I’m enjoying them in the now, admiring how them develop. The first few days of the new school year was challenging for them. They were used to seeing each other on the playground. However, they have both settled into their new school routines.


  • He’s now in year 1 of primary school. He still has the same core circle of friends. He have awesome play dates from time to time.
  • He can read and write for his level. And recently won silver for her performance in class for the first term
  • He now enjoys gaming, Skylanders and Super Mario are the ones he plays.
  • He recently celebrated his 6th birthday. We had a few friends over for a playday. They had so much fun, Just Dance was a hit with the kids
  • He still enjoys arts, crafts and all things colourful. He say’s he’d like to be a designer. Early days yet time will tell.
  • In the family he’s the one all about fair play and kindness.



  • She’s still in nursery. She will be 4 in December, so she’ll not move onto reception until 2017
  • She can count up to 12 and she knows a few phonetics.
  • She likes drawing from time to time but prefers craft.
  • Socially, she not made her own friends yet. She still enjoys joining Angelo and his friends.
  • She rough and tumble but loves girly things, glitter, sparkle, kiddie makeup if she can get her hands on it.
  • In the family she’s the comedian, always some new antics to make us laugh.

As a family, were are providing more educational support at home. Most weekday evenings the kids will have short bursts to learning based what they are currently studying at school. Hubby and take it in turns working with them. They respond better to learning when it’s in the form of a game. I tend to go for board games were can use together. Apps, they do on their own as a variation. YouTube has also be quite helpful to us all.

Christmas is fast approaching. We look forward to spending quality time with friends and family over the festive season. How’s life with you and your family. Holla.


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