I remember when I was little I’d overhear the older women talking about ‘the change of life’.  I knew enough to know they were talking about menopause but I couldn’t understand why it had to be hush hush.  I certainly couldn’t understand why they felt it was a loss of womanhood. Even from a age looked forward to that time. In my mind having my period was hassle… unless of course it was late and I had something else to worry about. Fast forward several decades later and it looks like I’m approaching that time of life. I maybe a couple years early but my body seems going through ‘the change’, MENOPAUSE.

My 44th birthday is fast approaching and though my opinions of certain thing have changed due to life experience, I still feel like… me… well, more like me after a tough 3 hours workout the day after. Over the last couple of years little niggly things had begun happening  but like vertigo and night sweats began the penny dropped.



Menopause Symptoms 


I’ve looked up the symptoms of menopause and found that there are so many symptoms. Every woman is different. I’ve been to see my GP and she thinks I’m most likely perimenopausal. We’ve decided that the best way forward was to have a blood test done. Apparently the perimenopausal symptoms include:

  • Hot flushes
  • Fatigue
  • Irregular periods
  • Difficulty sleeping.

All of which I experience at different points in time. So, I’m going to have the blood test done. Depending on the result of the blood test, I’ll change my health supplements accordingly.

Coming to terms with Menopause


A few years ago, I would never have imagined sharing something so personal on in the blogsphere but I’m tired about the secrecy around women’s health. I want find out all I can and be comfortable enough to be a support to my daughter as she goes through the different stages of her life.

I don’t feel its the end of my womanhood or femininity. Its simply another stage of my life which I intend to embrace.

How about you? Does perimenopause/menopause scare you? Are going through it already? Have you experienced mild or severe symptoms. How are you coping with ‘the change life’? I would love to hear from you.



(updated 16th October 2020)





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