Melanin is the pigment that determines brown beauties’ skin, hair and eye colour. It also provides some protection against sun damage (but we still got to wear sun protection people!) I dare say melanin is the source of black girl magic.  Naturalistas worldwide are embracing their natural curls and rocking them however they like. Tsaka has created hair treatments to care for our glorious tresses. Melanin Queen SOS Hair Rescue is a luscious hair treatment fit for royalty.




Celmira Amade founded Tsaka, which means happiness in the Ronga dialect of Mozambique. She prides her formulations on being 100%: vegan and free from sulphates, parabens, silicones, petrolatum, heavy alcohol and animal-derived ingredients. In fact, the recipes are based on Clemira’s granny’s African plant based hair care recipes. It’s uses ingredients such as Black Seed Oil, Avocado Oil and Vegetable Glycerin. The brand has two hair treatments, Melanin Queen SOS Hair Rescue Mask and Melanin Queen Black Magic Hair Mask.

Melanin Queen


I was sent full sized Melanin Queen SOS Hair Rescue Mask (200ML RRP£15) to trial for the purpose of this review. The mask was just what my hair need, especially at the ends which were dry and damaged from bleaching. I’ve used it three times so far and I still have product left over. Depending on the length and thickness of hair, the pot should last for about four uses.


Trials 1 &2


To freshly shampooed damp hair, I applied two generous scoops of Melanin Queen. I loved the mild floral scent, and creamy texture. Although, it’s recommended that the mask stay on for 15 mins, I left it for 10. After rinsing out the product I detangled my damp hair. It felt super soft, shiny and bouncy.


Trial 3


I pre-treated my hair with organic oil prior to shampooing. After rinsing the shampoo, I applied Melanin Queen and left it in for 10 mins. When the product was rinsed out and my hair was detangled, once again it felt hydrated with elasticised.

TIP: Tsaka advises, wear the hair mask for 30 minutes once a week until the health of your hair improves.


The Results


Melanin Queen SOS Hair Rescue is a good quality hair treatment which would complement a natural hair care regime. It was a pleasure to use. My hair is naturally thin and I don’t experience shedding, so, I can’t confirm the claim that it aids shedding. However; it’s been excellent at conditioning my hair and enhancing its elasticity. I would recommend it. I look forward to seeing what comes next from Tsaka. On my wish list is a shampoo and/or a hair spritz. Shop the range from the Tsaka website.


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