I’ve been a mum for all of two years and three months.  Early in my marriage, I told hubby I will not accept household items as a gift for any special occasion. I’m no diva nor am I ‘high maintenance’ but I’m also not a HOUSE. If a gift must be given, I feel it should be something personal. Is that just me? The ultimate gift for me is a spa day, time for me to relax, reflect and rest. In actuality, with a two little ones and no family support, me-time is as rare as a red diamond.  In advance of Mothering Sunday, I recently tired the Mrs Miracle Gift Set of home pampering goodies and it was sheer bliss.

Mrs Miracle Gift Set


Mothering Sunday is one week away but on Monday I thought I’d get my celebration on, while hubby was at home. I used the Mrs Miracle Gift Set made by Bomb Cosmetics.

Interesting Fact: All of their beautifully fragranced products are handmade in the UK. In my box there was:

  • 1 x Sensual Rose Shower & Bath Oil (100g)-  geranium, ylang ylang and rose essential oils
  • 1 x Beachcomber Soap (100g)- pure cocoa butter, lavender and ylang ylang essential oils
  • 1 x Stress Less Bath Creamer (30g)- cocoa butter, shea butter, coriander leaves Rose buds
  • 1 x Dark Heart Bath Blaster (100g)- cocoa butter, shea butter, blackcurrant seed oil & patchouli essential oil
  • 1 x Love Buds Bath Mallow (30g)- cocoa butter, shea butter, lavender and rose essential oils



Product Testing


Of the items included I used the Dark Heart Bath, the Blaster Beachcomber Soap and the Sensual Rose Shower & Bath Oil. Since all the products are of floral and fruity fragrances they work well together and not all sweetie. Now, its difficult for me to settle and have a bath but when those fragrances started to swirl and rise in the bathroom you couldn’t drag me out!

Bath bomb releasing all its gorgeousness


Final Word The Mothering Sunday Treats


My skin felt lovely and smooth after the bath. Best of all, I was left with a big ‘silly’ relaxed grin on my face. My personal favourite to date is the Sensual Rose Bath & Shower Oil. One key note in the oil is geranium essential oil which combines well with the rose oil to make a great multi-tasking product. I’ve kept some to use as a massage oil (hubby owes me).

The other two items I’ll use specially on Mothering Sunday. I think this gift set is an ideal Mothering Sunday gift, for mum who loves a little DIY pampering from time to time. It retails at £11.99

If your mum has unique tastes then the Find Me A Gift online shop is the place to visit. They have a wide range gift items to meet every mum’s fancy.  Visit their website  or you can find them on Twitter and Facebook.

Happy Mothering Sunday! 


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