Miss Vallie is now the ripe ‘ole’ age of 5, so I feel more confident using haircare from the high street. I was recently introduced to Mazuri haircare for children and I accepted a review opportunity to trial products from the range. We were sent full sized Mazuri Kids Olive Oil Sweetie Pie Softening Detangling Conditioner and Kids Olive Oil Snookums 3 In 1 Spray Detangler. Based on the products we trialled, I think Mazuri kids haircare is a good quality high street range for curly kids.

Washday Process

I’ve been using Mazuri Kids haircare on Miss Vallie’s hair for one month. Our washday routine is back to front, product-wise.  She suffers from mild eczema, so I never wash her hair in the bath. During our trial as always here’s how our wash day went:

  • Step 1 detangle with Conditioner (in this case Mazuri Kids Olive Oil Sweetie Pie Softening Detangling Conditioner)
  • Step 2 Rinse out conditioner
  • Step 3 Shampoo hair (twice if necessary, here I used our usual brand), then rinse
  • Step 4 towel dry hair; apply Mazuri Kids Olive Oil Snookums 3 In 1 Spray Detangler

Product Results

We enjoyed trialling Mazuri haircare. Vallie loved the packaging and fragrance which is very cute and very girlie. However, as a mother to a son and daughter, I wish kids’ haircare packaging could be more unisex.  I was happy with the consistency of the conditioner. Although it was rich, it had enough slip for me to detangle her dry hair. I could have used the Snookums to detangle her hair before washing but I wanted her have a pre-treatment. Once her hair was detangled with the conditioner I left it in for about five minutes while I prepared everything I needed to wash her hair.  Snookums was excellent as a post-wash detangler. It conditioned hair and made the styling process easier. I also used it during the week whenever I need to detangle her hair before styling it. The produced never flaked or left her hair feeling clammy with build-up.  For thicker and/or coarser hair I would suggest using Snoockum first then applying a styling product like the Mazuri kids Olive Oil Buttercup Conditioning Oil Moisturizer to keep hair moisturized. I tended to alternate between our usual organic oil and a styling cream for Vallie.

Where to shop Mazuri

Mazuri Products are available at Paks Store online.  Both the Kids Olive Oil Snookums 3 In 1 Spray Detangler and the Olive Oil Sweetie Pie Softening Detangling Conditioner (354ML) RRP£2.99. There are other products in the range that will be suitable for curly, kinky, coily hair tips.  Visit the Mazuri website for more information about the range.


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