Max and Talluah arrived just in time for the Valentine’s weekend.  During the week the children and I made postcards for their dad and I explained best I could to my four years old son what the occasion was all about. Then at the bedtime I read ‘Max and Talluah: a little love story’. The first thing Angelo asked was “Which one is Max and which one is Talluah, mum?” When I pointed out which was which he said “OH! Max has straight hair and Talluah has curly hair!” To which I responded in the affirmative. On with the story, then. We enjoyed it. ‘Max and Talluah: a little love story’ is a sweet tale about finding out that being o’s self is good enough.

Max and Talluah

I readily admit, when I saw the title I did wonder if I was ready to discuss romantic love with my son, Angelo. Naturally, reading a story would lead to questions and explanations right? In this case thankfully, I was wrong. While Max and Talluah does touch on romantic love, it does so in a sweet and innocent way. Most importantly beyond the ‘boy (zebra) sees girl (zebra) and loves girl (zebra)’ its about being comfortable in your own skin. Its about being confident to be who you are and knowing that that’s would be good enough. Angelo never asked anything questions about the love theme. He just enjoyed the story.

Max and Talluah

Angelo’s best bits: He likes when Max made a hat to impress Talluah and it had bugs in it.

My best bits: I adore the illustrations. Its so sweet and makes the story easier for smaller ones to understand. I also love a story that promotes being happy and confident in your own skin. I had a little chuckle at Max’s journey to realising that he was good enough as he is.

‘Max and Talluah: a little love story’ is a delightful book that will help children understand, they need to be who they are. It can also be used to demonstrate the positive way to make a new friend. Its very pleasant read.


Book Details

Written & Illustrated:  Beverley Gooding

Paperback: 32 pages

Publisher: Parragon Books

ISBN-10: 1472364570

ISBN-13: 978-1472364579

Product Dimensions: 28.5 x 0.8 x 24.9 cm

Please note: This is not a sponsored post, although I received this product from the publisher for free to trial for the purpose of this review. They do not exercise any editorial control over my review for anything else on this site.


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