Summertime, when the children are at home it’s a challenge to keep them entertained. My two children aren’t school aged yet. Angelo starts reception in September, so there’s the added struggle to keep him and Valentina occupied and entertained. The love books, drawing and stickers, so I was pleased to find a package that include all those activities. I received the Paragon Books’ Massive Monster Activity Pack to trial. When both kids saw it they were excited. Here was an activity that they could easily share. They could work together or apart, it was hit.

Paragon Books’ Massive Monster Activity Pack is beautifully packaged. It comes with four activity books: doodles, muddles, sticker book, colouring book, along with 500 stickers. The components come in an attractive briefcase styled carrier made of hard card decorated with monsters. Many children like monsters, so this is a great unisex activity that friends and siblings can enjoy together.

Because my kids are a bit obsessed with stickers we started with the sticker book from the Monster Activity pack first.  It was a good way to spare the family refrigerator from yet another sticker. The sticker book allowed then to channel their creativity and love of stickers to create fun scenes such as monsters in the snow. I explained each scenario form the book them and indicated what they had to do on each page and which section of stickers to use. Naturally it didn’t always go to plan but it was good to let their imaginations and enthusiasm run wild. Next they tried the colouring book. There are guides that older children are likely to happily follow but my little ones wanted to colour as they wanted and I allowed them to do so.

The Monster Activity Pack case is about A4 size. It’s easily portable it can be held by its handle or packed into a child’s knapsack. Angelo took it one a day out we did together, into the City. He isn’t found of long train/tube journeys.  Using the muddles book together during the tube ride kept him entertained and distracted. It has engaging activities like ‘spot the difference’. He loves this because he’s competitive. We had amusing journey due to muddles and the great thing about it is that he was learning too! This book encourages little ones to focus, use their observations skills. It will help them learn colours and shapes, if they don’t already the common ones. The doodle books has clever hints how to use it, where to fill in and so on. However, here too little ones can explore their creativity.

As much as we like the Massive Monster Activity Pack, I’ve mixed feelings about the quality of the books and sticker. Part of me feels that because it’s portable it should be sturdier. Then again you get good variety for the price and the carrier is strong. I also felt some the stickers were a bit too tiny and not separated well enough for little hands extract the ones they wanted. I had to use my nimble fingers to retrieve the ones they needed. While they have good fine motor skills sometimes they are still a little uncoordinated. I didn’t want them to tear a bunch of stickers just to get one. The pack RRP£9.99 on Amazon. For packaging and content, I think it’s a fair price. To see more of what Parragon Books has to offer, please visit their website.


Please note, this is not a sponsored post. The books were supplied by the publisher for the purpose of this review. They have no influence over this review or the content of the blog.


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