I’ve known the brand Mary Kay since I was a child. Whenever my grandmother visited America or aunties visited us in Trinidad, they came bearing Mary Kay products. In my family we have different skin tones. The fact that Mary Kay had makeup suitable for them, I came to know it as being an inclusive brand. By the time I moved to the UK and was of a makeup wearing age, I didn’t hear or see the brand anymore until circa 2011. I visited attended the Afro Hair and Beauty and there was a stall. Around that time I began blogging and I’d see Mary Kay collection launches via social media. Recently I became aware of their new Botanical Effects® Skin Care range. I know I had to try it. I’ve found that botanical skin care products work best for my forty plus skin. I trialled Mary Kay’s Botanical Effects® Skin Care range for thirty days with good results.

There are five products in Mary Kay’s Botanical Effects® Skin Care range. All of the products provide an antioxidant packed infusion with ingredients such as Dragon fruit and Aloe. The range includes:

  • Botanical Effects® Cleansing Gel, £14 (127g)
  • Botanical Effects® Refreshing Toner, £13 (147ml)
  • Botanical Effects® Invigorating Scrub, £15 (88ml)
  • Botanical Effects® Moisturizing Gel, £18 (85g)
  • Botanical Effects® Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30 Sunscreen, £16 (50ml)

I pride myself on caring well for my skin. I didn’t have any major skin concerns when I began my trial of Mary Kay’s Botanical Effects® Skin Care range. The test was would it continue to nourish my skin on the cold winter days.

Mary Kay Botanical Effects

I used the products for thirty days, after which my skin looked refreshed, bright and more youthful. With the exception of the sunscreen, I used the range solely for nine days. While I was happy with it over all, I felt my skin need something more at night.  My face developed a couple small dry patches. After the 9 days I tweaked my skin care regime. I began using the toner only on days when I wore makeup because I felt a mild uncomfortable tingle after use. The sensation lasted a few minutes. On a regular no makeup day, I used the Cleansing Gel five to six days out of seven in the evening. (I don’t use cleansing products in the morning. I only use water.) A little went a long way. The translucent pink gel lathered well and cleansed my face without a dry stiff after-feel. During the week swapped for the Invigorating Scrub midweek and weekend. I loved it!  The natural exfoliating fruit seeds were thorough but gentle on my skin. I followed up the oil-free Moisturizing Gel with the Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30 Sunscreen.  I don’t normally use sunscreen.  Having a sunscreen as part of the Botanical Effects® range was a big plus for me. Finally, at night I resumed using my usually botanical night cream. This regime worked best for me.

After almost 50 years ago in the beauty and skin care industry Mary Kay is still a force to be reckoned with.  I continue to have faith that it’s a brand that delivers. It’s a social responsible brand that is an advocate for domestic violence, poverty and more. I was happy with the Botanical Effects® range.  After thirty days I still have products left which may last me for almost another month. It’s good value and it works. I hope an eye cream would be added to the range in the future. Botanical Effects® can be bought online for the Mary Kay website or from your local beauty consultant. Visit Mary Kay website to find about more about the brand or find a beauty consultant near you.


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