Over a week ago, I attended the launch event held by the Mane Divas. Mane Divas have been trading for a year but this was their big launch to promote their bespoke health hair  mobile workshop service. I’m pleased to report the event was well attended, informative and VERY inspirational. I’ve come to expect a fun welcoming nurturing atmosphere at (natural) hair events and I was not disappointed.  All the vendors in attendance were friendly, and creative entrepreneurs. There were handmade products for sensitive dry skin, African influenced accessories, freshly made cleansing juices, cosmetics, as well as, children’s craft product vendors, just to mention just a few. They already got me thinking about Christmas presents because I saw so many beautiful things that are not on the high street! Most of all I’m very happy for Trina and Tam. The Mane Divas are passionate driven women who have filled a much needed gap in the market when it comes to education on caring for afro hair whether its been chemically treated or totally natural AND their mobile!

One thing I’ve learnt since attending hair events, everyone has got their own take on how to grow afro hair long.  Seems to me there apart from healthy diet, exercise and being gentle with your hair there’s no one fixed rule. I was intrigued by Valley Fontaine’s finger combing mostly rule and using wigs as a protective style when abroad. The one thing I’ve always done that she says best not to do, is to detangle from end of hair. Valley says the end of hair is the oldest part so its safer to start at the roots in order to save the ends and maintain length.

I thoroughly enjoyed the mini workshops which were meant to give a taste of what to expect from their mobile service.  It was fun and very informative and I learnt a new things along the way. The four stations were:


A Hair loss station

B Consultation station

C Divas kitchen

D Mini divas


Station B- Consultation: you can lose from 25 up to 100 strands of hair; ts natural shedding; when using essential oils use 10-12 drops to a 50ml bottle of carrier oil for your oil mix; a basic hair regime will include products that go int he following order- liquid, oil and then cream; when checking hair porosity use a clean strand of hair in a glass of water,  if the hair sinks it high porosity if it float is got low and if it stays in the middle then its got normal porosity.

Station C- Divas Kitchen: using shea butter as your base with olive oil mixed you can make a creamy product. Don’t use a machine mixer,  manually whip the butter to avoid losing nutrients from the shea butter; when protein treating your hair the ratio should be 3 regular deep conditions to one protein deep condition or hair can get brittle and dry; when cleansing and styling hair use the L.O.C method (which stands for liquid, oil, cream based products) NB shea can be used at the oil and/or cream stage.

Station D- Mini divas: this station is about caring for children’s hair; when shampooing hair was in sections taking turns in wetting each section and rubbing in shampoo with the balls of fingers (no finger nails); if using apple cider vinegar rinse use one part cider to 2 parts water after washing and conditioning hair use a cotton t-shirt to dry hair.

I was unable to attend the session on hair loss. Here a few images from the days proceedings.
opening ceremony

Start of Divas on the Grow launch event


Vendor, Workshops & Valley Fontaine

vendors 1

Vendors at Divas on the Grow


For more images on the event please visit The Tiger Tales  and the Mane Divas Facebook pages. Additionally, you can search the hashtag #divasonthegrow on Twitter and Instagram for more information.


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