I try to deep condition my hair at least once per month. Depending on the treatment, I leave it on for 15 minutes to 45 minutes under plastic wrap. I don’t usually use heat, instead I allow my body heat to help it process. Last summer I reviewed Mane Divas Sea Hearts (Banana & Apricot) Hair Treatment  . My hair loved the treatment but felt the preparation was too involved. I stated that in my review and spoke to the brand. They I was informed something new was in the pipeline. A few months ago I attend author Casey Elisha’s literary event, Mane Divas had a stand there. They gave me the opportunity to try the new hair treatment My hair and I loved it! I’m a fan of hair care that gives a little tingle while I wash. Mane Divas’ Chocolate Clay Mask with Invigorating Menthol Crystals is a fabulous hair treatment that will leave curls soft and fortified.

I trialled Mane Divas’ Chocolate Clay Mask with Invigorating Menthol Crystals, one week after a having my natural hair professionally coloured. My hair had been bleached in parts, so, I wanted to treat it to prevent any unnecessary damage. I washed my hair with one of my favourite shampoos, then followed up with the treatment.  Mane Divas advises Apply to damp hair covering strands root to tip whilst massaging into the scalp. Cover with a plastic cap & leave for 20 minutes. You may apply heat if required. Rinse thoroughly following with our Botanical Silk Spritzer. I applied it to towel dried hair. This mask is already made. It’s a rich easily spreadable paste that smells like mint-chocolate. I wrapped my hair with cling film and allowed it to process for about 45 minutes. The menthol crystals gave a delicious invigorating tingle as the treatment processed. Because the treatment is very thick, I didn’t detangle until after the leave-in-conditioner was applied. After detangling I styled as usual.  My curls looked wonderful. I didn’t use their Botanical Silk Spritzer as suggested on that occasion. (I used it as a curl refresher a few days later) Nonetheless, I was really happy with the results.

Mane Divas clay mask

Suggestion: I think the treatment is best used before a colour treatment or 6 – 8 weeks after the colour is gone. I’m not sure how friendly it is hair colour.

I seemed to have lost a more of the colour than I expected to lose after using the Chocolate Clay Mask. While I love to play with hair colour having healthy hair is top priority.  Hence, I’m not fussy about colour retention. Nonetheless I felt it’s important to note this because more and more naturalistas are experimenting with hair colour. The treatment contains: Coconut Milk, Organic Rhassoul Clay, Organic Cocoa Powder, Conditioning Emulsifier, Slippery Elm, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Honey, Organic Jamaican Black Castor, Menthol Crystals, Pro Vitamin B5, Lupine Seed Extract, Organic MSM Sulfur. Its £8.89 for a 100g tube on the Mane Divas site.

Mane Divas not only creates handmade organic hair care products, they also run workshops based on the ethos of caring for healthy hair. For more information about Mane Divas, their other products and services, please visit their website.


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