In my twenties, I enjoyed hiking in Trinidad on Sundays. I used to say being in the forest made me feel the wonder and majesty of God. When I relocated to England, for many years I lacked that connection and sometimes felt off-kilter. It wasn’t until national lockdown during years of the coronavirus pandemic that I reconnected with nature in a big way. I had rediscovered the joys of swimming and blue therapy to manage my menopause symptoms. However, pools and beaches are not as easily accessible due to distance and cost. What I didn’t anticipate was how returning to the woods and even learning to care for our home garden could also enhance my wellbeing. Daily green therapy helps me to manage my menopause symptoms.


What Is Green Therapy?

According to NHS Lanarkshire;

Green Therapy is known to be beneficial for your physical and mental wellbeing. Being in the great outdoors surrounded by nature or even just sitting in your garden can make you feel good.
Sometimes Green Therapies can be known by other names such as Eco Therapy, Green Care, Green Gyms or Horticultural Therapy (gardening). It can be used to describe a whole range of outdoor activities and include conservation, wilderness therapy, animal-assisted interventions, nature arts and crafts, care farming or social and therapeutic rehabilitation.’


Benefits of Green Therapy

Dr Qing Li has been at the forefront of Japanese research into forest-bathing. Studies by his team at the Nippon medical school. Their studies have revealed a wide range of health benefits such as; lowers stress, improve pain thresholds, increases energy and boosts the immune system with an increase in the count of the body’s natural killer (NK) cells

green therapy

Forest Bathing

Personally, I think trees are mystifying. Their variety of shapes and branch formation always fills me with awe. Hollow trees are my favourite. They feed my inner child’s imaginations. Exploring a woodland and immersing myself into hum of the natural world clears my head. There’s something about changing the line of my view climbing high amongst the trees and gazing far across over yonder that puts issues of the workaday world into perspective.

Currently, my major menopause symptoms are; brain fog, anxiety, problems sleeping, hot flushes, achy joints, and weight gain. I enjoy walking and I love nature, put them together, I benefit from the exercise and peace of mind.

If for reasons of health or accessibility you are unable to forest bath, pottering around in the garden does wonders for the soul.


Horticultural Therapy

I am gratefully for our garden in which I practice ‘horticultural therapy’ (gardening). In the morning before breakfast, I go into the garden to see what changes happened over night. After that, on my return from work I take another peak to see what’s bloomed in the sunshine, pull out weeds or simply observe the birds and pollinators. Despite having a busier schedule due to my part-time job, my moods are more balanced. I feel I am coping without HRT at the moment. Exercise and green therapy are working for me.

If you don’t’ have garden create a green space indoor, for instance, you can purchase indoor plants, incorporate green accent paint and/or home accessories. Outdoors, you can look for a community gardens in your area. Not only will you benefit from gardening but you will also meet new people! Now that’s what I call win win.

In Conclusion, green therapy fits into the mindful lifestyle I aspire to and as a result I feel calmer and balanced during my menopause journey. Have you ever tried green therapy? What works best for your menopause symptoms. Comment below I would love to hear from you.

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