Prior to adapting my diet to healthier eating regime, I avoided the Jordan’s brand of cereals. I bought the cereal bars once but I don’t remember eating it. Their products just look SO HEALTHY and grown up. Nothing wrong with that in fact it’s great but when you get used to comfort eating with chocolates and cake the last thing you want is healthy. Now on a better eating plan I accepted the offer of a pack of Jordans oat granola to trial. How wrong was  I prejudging the taste in the past? Very wrong! The granola has the sweetness of honey and the crunch of oats and almond.  I used Jordans Raisin and Almond Crunchy Oat Granola to make an Edd Kimber inspired pudding and it was simply delish.

There’s nothing like a good crumble for desert, I think. It’s so soothing. Suddenly all is well in the world after the first spoonful. In July, Jordans Cereal unveiled  its very first show garden at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. ‘In celebration of the edible wild flowers, oats, fruits and nuts in their Wildlife Garden, Great British Bake Off Winner Edd Kimber created a series of foraged food recipes inspired by the garden. The range of three exciting new recipes includes a Mixed Berry Traybake with Rosehip Syrup, a Cherry Plum Crumble with Cobnuts and an Alpine Strawberry Fool.’

crunchy oats granola crumble

crumble trial 1 (with nectarines)

Because I was sent the Raisin and Almond granola, I tried to recreate the Cherry Plum Crumble with Cobnuts. A dear friend of mine was visiting and I think, nothing shows appreciation like good home cooking. I made lunch then followed up with my freshly made crumble. Unfortunately, at the time, I couldn’t find plumbs and I had no  clue what cobnuts were, so I made substitutions. I used nectarines instead of plumbs and replaced cobnuts with hazelnuts (the recipe suggested hazelnuts as an alternative). My pudding was a success, if I do say so myself. That pudding really changed my mind about Jordans cereal. The crumble had nice balance of sexy silkiness and crunch.

crunchy oats granola crumble

crumble trial 2- with plumb

However, I really wanted to be authentic to the recipe. A couple days later I found English plumbs at a local fruit and veg shop, I bought some and tried the recipe again. Ooh, the aroma of the almonds filled the warm kitchen with a gorgeous fragrance. When I checked the baking crumble I could see  that the plumb juices were bubbling to the top. I nailed it a second time around. Although the recipe calls for custard, I served my crumble with double cream on both occasions.

The ingredients in the raisin and almond granola are: British Wholegrain OAT Flakes (65%), Raw Cane Sugar, Raisins (13%), Vegetable Oil (Rapeseed Oil, Palm Oil), Flaked & Chopped ALMONDS (3%), Honey (1%), Sunflower Seeds, Natural Flavouring. This product contains certified sustainable palm oil. Per 100g its 415 calories. It not only divine in puddings but it makes a lovely quick and easy snack (or breakfast) with Greek Yogurt. Its got tang, sweet, crunchy and soft textures in every scoop. Once your try it, like me you will be converted to loving good and healthy Jordan’s granola (and cereals) For more of Edd Kimber’s recipes visit the Jordans website.


 Please not this is not a sponsored post. However I was sent the product and the recipe to trial for the purpose of this review.



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