I love meringues. I’ve heard it’s easy so make. I’ve seen the chefs make them on tele so effortlessly but I’ve never tried making them before. It was one of my baking dreams to make them (and cookies, isn’t that one of the things that mums do?). Now that we have a larger kitchen in our new home, I jumped at the chance to give it a try them when opportunity came to me. I’m not good with baked treats but nothing like a blog opportunity to get me going. I accepted some Tate & Lyle golden Mayan inspired caster sugar to make meringue letters. Yeah, I like a challenge not even meringue dollops but I had to make words. I knew I was off to a bad start when I kept getting the yoke in with the whites! I persisted; in the end I ended up with something that looking a bit wonky but meringues nonetheless. The Tate & Lyle golden caste sugar give my meringues a lovely sort of rosy colour.


The Trial

Here’s how my trials went, and don’t laugh too hard at my meringues. It was my first time.

Trial 1: It went wrong perhaps, because there was some egg yolk in with the whites. The mixture wasn’t getting firm enough. It was too runny. I also got a bit frustrated with my recipe. Yes, blame it on the recipe, I have no shame.

Trial 2: In the end I moved away slightly from the recipe that I had. I found another version that seemed easier in the method but I stuck with the quantities of the original recipe I was given. I whacked in some almond essence for added flourish. How much worse could it get, RIGHT?!  I had slight success with that improvisation and the kids got involved a little. I made two blobs of meringues that they could ‘decorate’ together. They enjoyed that very much.


Sweet Sugar Cane

The Tate & Lyle golden Mayan inspired caster sugar  is very fine like sand but tastes like sugar cane juice. It is in fact sugar made from sugar cane. The flavour truly reminded me of hot days back home in Trinidad, during the school holidays. My grandmother grew a small amount of sugar in our back yard as a hobby. When she cut the cane, all the grandchildren got a piece as  a treat. We would chew on that piece of sugar cane to extract the cool sweet juice. It was so refreshing. Coming from island where the sugar cane was part of the bedrock  of the country’s  income.

I’m pleased to know that the products is fair trade. Cane field work isn’t  easy work. The golden caster sugar can be used to make sponges, macaroons, as well as meringues.


In Conclusion

If you would like to try your hand at this cute sweet treat click HERE, its the original recipe I had. I think it would nice to make with the kids, or maybe as fun treat for a special occasion like a baby shower or kids party.  If you do make it, please let me know how it went for you. You can also tag me on Instagram so I can see your creations.

For a list of Tate & Lyle products or other tempting recipes visit this website. Additionally, you can seek inspiration via Pinterest  and Facebook. What’s your baking dream?


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