Although he didn’t know it, Angelo laid down the gauntlet when he said our neighbour’s garden was nicer that ours. Never mind I’d already planted a few flowering plants and strung up garden buntings AND put up windmills. He was not happy. I realised I had to up the ante to make him and his sister happy with their garden. Every time a had some cash to spare, I had would dash off to Wilko and the Pound Shop for bits and boobs to improve how garden. One month after the first flower bloomed our garden is getting taking shape.

So we now have little flowers in our garden and part of the lawn has been patched up. I planted Viola Rocky, English Lavender, a plant Angelo gave me for Mother’s day (turned out to be Pansies), and I also planted some wild flowers. Here’s the thing, there’s small plants growing in the flower patch but novice that I am, I can’t tell if there are weeds or the wildflowers before the bloom. On one occasion my darling daughter decided to pull up a few ‘plants’ because she wanted to see they were weeds. In the end I had to cut some of them while I was trimming the edges for the flower patch.

top left to bottom left back garden, bottom right front of house

top left to bottom left back garden, bottom right front of house

Another challenge for the novice gardener is dealing with the dandelions. We have got some massive dandelions in the lawn, patches of clover and then bare spots. I suspect this could all be down the fact that we had a 6ft paddling pool for the last two summers. Hubby and I patched up a few areas and its look so lush and nice. I’m thinking to repair patch at a time, but I realise this will not create a flawless lawn, but then again do I really want that. We bought a house with a garden for the kids to play. I want them to have fun. I’d rather not be too precious with the lawn or the types of lower we have. Then again it could be me being lazy.

We had the rose bushes out front trimmed, but there’s more work to be done in that department as well. After two years I’ve finally begun to water the plants out front, now that the roses bloom are give off the most delightful fragrance. I must reward them with care. Best of all, I’m find that caring for my garden is so relaxing. It fills me with pride whenever a bloom pops out.  Our garden is a work on progress but I love it.



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