October last year I wrote a post on what libraries mean to me. I can hardly believe it took me so long to share my love of libraries and champion the importance of their existence within the community. However, it was while attending a book event at Canada Water Library, that I was moved to share my story (CLICK HERE to read). Then, recently while on Twitter I was made aware that National Libraries Day was fast approaching. Consider this blog post a part 2 of why I love libraries and their importance in our community.


Library As A Social Hub

During the course of my pre-teen to adult years I’ve used all sorts of libraries. However, it was my high school library that first initiated me into mores of the amazing world of the library. Prior to high school all my books were bought. I had a little collection of my favourite stories at home. Since, my school days I’ve been to public libraries; university libraries, embassy libraries, heritage libraries, workplace libraries and son on. I even trained and worked in the field for several years. In all that time I’ve had the privilege of hearing authors (such as Samuel Selvon, Kate Moss, Dorothy Koomson) artists (Leroy Clark)  scholars (Yosef Ben-Jochann) and civil rights activists (Stokley Carmichael) speak, just to mention a few that come to mind as I write.

The benefit of these experiences was that they inspired me to live life to its fullest, expatriate and travel. I had and still do thirst for knowledge and strongly believe in the dissemination of information. I guess as a SAHM it was natural that I’d fall into blogging as a way to share the little that I know about random things and life events.

Chateau Comtal


Fiction and Non-Fiction

In the Spring 2009 I inveigled Hubby go on holiday to Carcassonne, my inspiration was Kate Mosse’s talk on her books The Labyrinth and Sepulchre. I wanted to see this place that was oozing with mystery and adventure! We chose a cheap  hotel which turned out to be crap! But I digress …  just to feast my eyes on Château Comtal and walk around the grounds was worth every discomfort.


National Library Day

My point is as with books, don’t judge a library by its ‘cover’, go inside meet the staff, peruse the shelves, find out about upcoming events. Libraries are so different now but still amazing. The last time I was at my local library, I took Valentina for a course on Baby Massage. Libraries have something for all in the family.  Why not use National Libraries Daywhich is 8th Feburary 2014, to re-acquaint/get to know your local library. You just might like what you find… you never know what you might be inspired to do…





(updated 30th May 2020)




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