I’ve been using Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil capsules for about four months. I’m happy I’ve decided to include it into my wellness regime once more. I’ve taken it in the past over the years because it’s a brand I trust, I never paid attention to the changes. As busy and crazy as my life is now being an older mum of two, I’ve learnt to pay attention to the little things. Motherhood also made me realise how important self-care is. I resumed gym workouts two years ago and I shed a few pounds. The downside was the aches and pains after Zumba and LBT classes. The Cod Liver Oil improved my condition. Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil helped me get my groove back and rock my trueage.


Benefits I’ve Had From Taking Cod Liver Oil

Since I’ve been taking Cod Liver Oil, I’ve noticed a few changes in the way I feel. I usually take a capsule at the start of the day after my breakfast smoothie. (The recommended dosage is 1 tablet per day with cold water.) There has been noticeable improvement in:

  • Overall alertness and concentration
  • Feeling more energized during workouts
  • Quicker post workout recovery, aches and pains are much reduced.

It’s amazing that all it took was a 250mg capsule of Seven Seas ‘Cod Liver Oil daily. I’ve not been taking any other supplements. I wanted to be certain the results I had were from the Cod Liver Oil.  Why does it work so well? Here’s the thing, Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil contains vitamin D to support normal bones and is a rich source of essential Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) which aids normal vision and brain function.

Side note: I’ve had my eyes tested recently, apart from a slight adjustment to my reading lens nothing else had changed in over a year!


Cod Liver Oil And A Healthy Lifestyle

While I can’t say for certain, I believe along with a healthy lifestyle Cod Liver Oil helped in some way.  I saw the picture of the back of my eye and it looked good, if I do say so myself but the Optician did as well. The picture used to check for signs of diabetes and pressure in the eyes.


With the new look Cod Liver Oil packs and the new Seven Seas #TRUEAGE campaign, which encourages you to live the way they feel and not how society expects you to live, they’ve definitely converted me to a loyal cod liver oil shopper!



Good health and wellbeing is not a fad. It’s a way of life. Find out more visit the website. In my experience, Seven Seas ‘Simply Timeless’ Cod Liver Oil capsules truly are one drop of goodness. It’s currently on offer at Boots, 3 for 2. There are other products in the range to help you rock your #TRUEAGE Visit the Boots website for details. It’s also available at: Asda, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose and Amazon.

Once you’ve done that come on, shake your tail feather. Have fun!  Use hashtag #TRUEAGE to join the conversation. You can also find Seven Seas on Facebook and Twitter.



This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Seven Seas UK


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