I remember the first time my son was given a chip by a member of the family. I almost cried. You know how it is when you’re a first time parent. You want what you think is best for your child. The establishment was McDonald’s. Over the years my relationship with McDonald’s has changed. They continually update their menu to offer their customers more choice. So, these days, McDonald’s has become a treat and mealtime saviour… like that time in Pembrokeshire, Wales… New for 2019, for the first time ever there’s a Vegetarian Happy Meal and a Spicy Veggie Wrap. Well, meal time just got spicy. We are living our best lunch life with McDonald’s Veggie Wrap.



McDonald’s Veggie Wrap


The McDonald’s Veggie Wrap gives more choice for families. It’s a tasty alternative for both children and adults which is perfect for the month of Veganuary and beyond.

The wrap is made with a Red Pesto veggie goujon, shredded lettuce and tomato ketchup in a small toasted tortilla wrap. Real families took part in the taste test as part of this process. It’s gotta be good, right?



Tasting The McDonald’s Veggie Wrap


Off we went to our local McDonald’s to try the Veggie Wrap. Confession, I am a meat-lover but my tummy was ready for a change. From the description,  the spicy wrap intrigued me. I luv a bit of spice! And my son, who can be fussy at meal times, usually chooses a non-meat option. The wrap was ideal for us to try.


For our meals, my son had the Legendary Pokémon Veggie Happy Meal® Wrap (209kcal.)  It comprised of: Veggie Wrap, side (carrot bag), bottle of water AND of course the surprise toy (Legendary Pokémon toy Ratiasu) – RRP£2.59. While I had the Spicy Veggie Wrap meal (364kcal.): Veggie Wrap with fries and coke (RRP4.89).

Adding Extras

My daughter and hubby had their usual, along with a portion of nuggets. Usually, we all pick from it. I enjoyed my wrap so much I wasn’t tempted by the nuggets.  Lunch was truly enjoyable. My son liked the flavour of his wrap. He would have it again. My Spicy Veggie Wrap had the perfect balance of crunch to softness and spice to tang. I would certainly have it again.


Meal Time Entertainment

If your child starts asking you deep questions in McDonald’s, it just might be the Happy Meal box. My son caught me out!  He asked me ‘Would you rather have a day for fun, or a room full of toys?’ I thought about the question and responded “room full of toys”. Then, he asked, “would you rather have more space to play in, or more time to play?” to which I responded, “space to play.” Eventually, the penny dropped, he was reading off the Happy Meal Box! It was the ‘Find your legendary match’ quiz, on the side of the box! He really got me, there.


FYI: The wraps were approved by the Vegetarian Society and what a welcome addition to the menu.


It’s A Wrap


The Veggie Wrap provides more choice for families. It just might be a hit with your fussy eater.


Have you or your child(ren) tried the Veggie Wrap? What did you think? Leave a comment in the box below, I would love to hear from you.




This post is part of a paid project with McDonald’s UK and BritMums, promoting McDonald’s Veggie Happy Meal and the new vegetarian menu items.
Photo credit (feature image and veggie wrap image from McDonald’s UK)




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