Since having kids, every year Hubby and I book self-catered staycations.  Flying to the country of his birth (Mauritius) or mine (Trinidad) is costly for us, at the moment.  However, while on staycation, we always visit local food establishments. Last year, Salty Willy’s Fish Shack on the Isle of Wight was a hit. As a mixed heritage family, it is important to us that our kids try different foods.  At home, hubby often whips up some Chinese or Italian delight; homage of his racial mix. While I include dishes from Trinidad (stew or curry) which are sometimes a hit and other times a miss. Recently, I lost my culinary zest. Then, the Little Foodies campaign came along. We’ll launch this year’s island vibes family staycation with a slap-up meal at home using Emirates Holidays’ Little Foodies recipe cards.


Little Foodies Recipe Cards


Emirates Holidays partnered up with chefs from their top family resorts to create an exclusive series of ‘Little Foodies’ recipe cards to encourage families to cook together, expand their taste buds and remind themselves of their holiday through local flavours this summer.

You can also download the recipe cards to start your own culinary adventure this summer. There are tantalising dishes to tempt your taste buds from  Dubai, Maldives, Mauritius, and Seychelles. We’ll be using the Little Foodies recipe cards to cook a Traditional Mauritian Chicken Curry.


Little Foodies Cooking Curry


Although Mauritius and Trinidad are continents apart, they both have a strong curry culinary history. Indentured labourers from India brought curry to the islands in early 19th Century.  Since both our home countries have curry dishes, I thought that would be a good place to start. In the past we have cooked Trini and Thai Curries.

According to the recipe, Traditional Mauritian Chicken Curry calls for turmeric rhizome but turmeric powder can be used instead. I’ve never cooked a curry with only turmeric. I’m not sure what to expect in terms of the flavours but I’m looking forward to it. Best of all, the ingredients can easily be sourced from most major supermarket chains.

In our home, when we are having a big cook and eating together we play the music to set the scene.  Better believe, we’ll be blaring some Mauritian is Sega to cook.



Tasty Mauritian Nibbles


On another occasion, we will try Mauritian Chilli Bites. It’s slightly more involved because it requires yellow spilt peas to be soaked for 4-6 hours before pureeing and seasoning. I can hardly wait to try it. Trust me it’s worth the effort. My mother in law was a master at making gateaux piment (chilli cake).

Gateaux Piment


Tiny Tapas Travellers


I know kids can go through a weird food stage as they find their palette.  Mine are still in that phase, which is why we try to introduce them to different flavours. Research by Emirates Holidays showed that 55% of British parents worry about their children finding things to eat on holiday.

Apparently, ketchup, biscuits and crisp are on the list of ‘top 10 home comforts’ that British parents take aboard on family trips. ‘However, on arrival at their destination, parents are often pleasantly surprised as one in three (34%) say they enjoy a family ‘culinary adventure’ when on holiday. Today’s tapas traveller tots like to try lots of different dishes like flatbread (49%), chorizo (35%) and curries (35%) while many have even experimented with more unusual foodstuffs including olives (28%), calamari (21%) and even a bold one in ten sampling octopus (12%).’

Personal experience has shown that when my little foodies are involved in preparing and cooking food, they are more likely to try it. It’s enjoyable creating healthy little foodies recipes. Still, I look forward to the day we can visit Mauritius. I want to try the sweet and savoury coconut treats, as well as, cassava puddings which are another thing Trinidad and ‘Maurice’ has in common.



In Conclusion


You don’t have to wait to travel to try new foods. Start the adventure at home. A family that cooks together stays together.  Check out the Little Foodies recipe cards.

If you are travelling this summer, I hope you return with happy memories and new recipes to try.



Please note this is a sponsored post

(Image Credit: Ile Maurice; Everyday Cooking with Mira; Taste)


(updated 18th May 2020)





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