In the run up to the London Toy Fair 2017, I received an invitation to visit Little Brian at Stand B95. Little Brian had a new product that was receiving rave reviews. It’s a Paint Stick. I attended the London Toy Fair on the last day and I visited Little Brian. You know how the kids and I love arts and craft. I was curious about the new no mess paints.  I received a twelve pack of Little Brian’s Classic Colours Paint Sticks. I was not disappointed. Little Brian’s Paint Sticks deliver vibrant colour and no mess.


No Mess Painting


Little Brian’s Classic Colours Paint Sticks are so vibrant. On application the paints feel like oil pastels but glides on paper better. Using a wet paint brush the colours can be spread and blended to create a watercolour effect.  It dries quickly and can look like markers (felt-tipped colouring pens) once dry. Little Brain Paint sticks can also be used for other art techniques like: stamping, overlaying, dotting and etching.


Little Brian

How we used the paint sticks


Little Brian has been a hit with kids because they love to paint. I usually avoid painting on weekdays, due to the mess. However, with Little Brian Paint Sticks I felt at ease to allow them to paint/colour and tidy up unassisted. On days when Angelo was less responsive to learn his spellings, I incorporated painting with writing. I asked him to use the paint to create a picture, then write the word next to his drawing. It allowed him to have fun while learning to spell words like ‘train’ and ‘snail’ both words with the diagraph ‘ai’. Valentina on the other hand is working on her fine motor skills. Little Brian Pain Sticks are chunky enough to allow her to hold them comfortably for mark making.

I used it myself on my adult colouring book. I blended colours with water and was pleased that it didn’t seep through to the other side of the paper. We are still having fun and finding ways to incorporate the Paint Sticks into fun and learning. They can be used on paper, wood and glass, but it can be removed easily from glass. Although, it is advised to protect clothing and surface because it can stain.


little brain paint sticks

Creative Play Award


Little Brian Paint Sticks has won ‘the overall winner in the Creative Play category for the Practical Pre-School Awards and a gold award winner in the Creative Play category for the Primary Teacher Update Awards’ and other awards. Its a quality product at an affordable price. The Paint Sticks comes in three colour effects, Day Glow, Metallic and Classic Colour.


Where to buy


They are available in packs of six or 12 for an RRP of £4.99 and £7.25, stockists include Amazon and ASDA. Visit the Little Brian website  for more information on their Paint Sticks and other products.

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