One year ago today (23rd March), Hubby and I had already begun homeschooling. We had taken our children out of school a few days prior, due to the spread of the Coronavirus. I am asthmatic and we concerned about the children bringing home the virus. Now, the UK was in lockdown. At the time, no one could have anticipated we would live through one year and three lockdowns. My family and I have been coping. Truth be known, not much has changed for us. The shops are closed and there are no events to attend in person, other than not much is different. We have always kept in touch with family and friends far flung across England and the world via social media and telecommunications apps. While indoors, we have bonded deeper. Lockdown life has been a great teacher for me. I’ve learnt five valuable life lessons during the year of restrictions.


Acceptance Can Be Empowering

I learnt that no matter how prepared you are, there will be somethings you can never control. Accepting that there are circumstances greater than myself that I cannot prevent was humbling and quite empowering. The only thing I can control is how I it turn up and deal with the situation.

Children think that grownups have all the answers. Opinions will vary but for me, I’ve always been open with my children about what I didn’t know. Rather than be the font of all knowledge, I chose to demonstrate how I find the answers to what I don’t know. So much was and still is uncertain regarding life in the ‘new normal’ but we have learnt to work through it as a family.

indoor plants

Always A Reason to Be Grateful

Early in my blogger life, I took part in a blog hop entitled ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’. During the darkest time of my motherhood journey that activity allowed me to see the glimmer of light. Similarly, in lockdown, I learnt not to take anything for granted. Starting with the basics, being healthy was a blessing and a privilege.


Self-Care Is Important

All over social media, self-care was the mantra for many during lockdown. In theory, being shut up indoors meant that life would be slower. In reality, across the nation, we had more to do. The days were longer filled with home-schooling, home chores, working from home etc. I clocked on quickly that ‘me-time’ had to be part of my self-care regime. The best thing I could do for myself during this time was to improve on my self-care regime. I believed, if I was as healthy as I could be, IF I caught the virus my amazing body could put a fight.

For me self-care is exercise, journaling , painting , reading. I’ve very much into wellbeing magazines. Simple Things and Oh Magazine are my favourite. Additionally, having moments of pause and breathing which in a way ties in with other activities I’ve mentioned. Suddenly alone time was even more important but we all indoors together. In the end we worked out with the kids what spaces they would utilise when they wanted to be alone. They also knew, if my bedroom door was shut, I have taking some time for myself.  We all learnt to respect each other’s space and moods but also to check in on ourselves and talk about our feelings.

Throughout the year the seasons have changed. I began a part-time job and walking to work, in the morning, allowed me to see first-hand how the changes in season impacted nature. Unrushed, I could pause an observe cloud formations, the leaves on the trees changed colour fell and now are sprout again.

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The Power of Touch

I never gave to much thought until lockdown, how comforting touch is. During the daily grind we crash into each other busy busy. At home hugs dished out at story time or when someone was having a bad day. During lockdown, there were times, we hugged and cuddled each other just because… that probably helped keep us healthy. Research shows that hugging lowers cortisol and supports the immune system. Oxytocin, released when hugging, is a hormone that has amazing power and provides many benefits to our bodies. In children, a gentle hug can provide the type of positive stimulation a young brain needs to grow healthily.

Hubby and I developed a deeper love and appreciation. He has been amazing. We have ‘battled’ lockdown challenges like a seasoned tag team, from homeschooling to cooking. He’s got my back and I’ve got his.


The Joy Of Indoor Plants

Bringing the outdoors in was another game-changer. For years, I stayed clear of the challenge. In the past, I’ve killed every plant I ever had. While in the garden, I was never precious about it. There is a wildness about it which, I’ve allowed for the animals and insects to play around in. As a family we enjoyed many woodland walks; it’s the ultimate ‘team’ building experience However, if there was ever a time to try again with indoor plants, it was during lockdown.

I’m no plant mum, yet, but I’ve managed to keep five indoor plans alive for just over one month. Nature is resilient and that’s a lesson we needed during lockdown; how to persevere come what may. Every time I look at my plants they make me smile just like hugs, smiling is good for the health. Best of all they are not just pretty but they also help the clean the air indoors that’s a bonus since we are indoors so much.


What life lessons have your learnt during this trying time of living in a Coronavirus world and national lockdown?

Comment Below, I would really like to hear from you. Finally, I leave you with views from one of our family walks.




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