I once saw a quote on Instagram that said ‘A smile is the best curve on a woman’. In truth a smile looks good on anyone and oral health is more than a perfect smile. According to the FDI (Fédération Dentaire Internationale) World Dental Federation, ‘your mouth is a mirror to your body’. It has been two years since my last visit to the dentist but I floss. Using interdental products is one way to improve oral health. Recently, I was gifted with some DenTek interdental products  which I’d never seen before.  Let’s Teeth Talk with DenTek.

The importance of oral health

Full disclosure; I probably had the best teeth during pregnancy because in the UK expectant mums are entitled to free dental care through the NHS. To get free NHS dental treatment, you must have; a MATB1 certificate issued by your midwife or GP a valid prescription maternity exemption certificate (MatEx). Coverage lasts until 12 months after baby is born.

Links have been found between poor oral health, which can lead to periodontal disease, and risk factors for:

  • Diabetes
  • Pre-term birth
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke

DenTek’s #TalkTeeth campaign will be highlighting specific oral health problems that affects young professionals, families and the over 50’s, providing them with the solutions and advice needed to prevent and treat the issue. Visit DenTek Facebook page for more information.

DenTek Products

If you are not entitled to free dental treatment, fear not. DenTek has a wide range of products for adults and children to help maintain healthy teeth, gums and tongue. Their products get to the hard to reach areas that a toothbrush cannot. Their range includes; Interdental Cleaning Products, Dental Guards, Repair Kits, Kids Solutions and Tongue Cleaners. For the trial I received:

  • Dentek™ Sensitve Clean Floss Picks (75 floss picks) RRP£4.50
  • Dentek™ Floss Pick & Case 4 x cases (24 floss picks) RRP £2.25
  • Dentek™ Easy Brush Standard RRP£4.65
  • Dentek™ Orabrush RRP£3.90

The Trial

My favourite products from the bundle I received was the Sensitive Clean Floss Picks and the Easy Brush. DenTek has interdental brushes for different fits. I received the standard but slim fit or tight fight would have been best for me because my teeth are very close together. Using the standard made my gums bleed a little between the teeth that were closest together than others. Therefore, I used the brush once per week. While I used the floss picks every other day, on average.  Daily use is perfectly fine. The floss pick does as its name suggests, it functions as floss with a pick at the tail end. Awesome isn’t it. The Orabrush was soft and comfortable but it has always been my custom to use my toothbrush for the purpose. Using DenTek interdentals made my teeth feel the cleanest, they have ever been out of the dentist chair.


Interdental care is no substitute for a regular visit to your dentist. However, taking the extra care means you are less likely to receive ‘bad new’ from your dentist, when you to visit.

DenTek products are affordably priced and highly effective. You can achieve a deep clean from the comfort of your home. Their products are available at Boots.

Visit the website for further details on their product range. Join the conversation by searching for hashtag #TeethTalk .


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