In 2021, road trips and staycations will continue to be a big part of the holiday experience. From 12th April staycations at self-catering properties, hotels will be possible. It’s expected on 17 May, there will be an update about foreign travel  . Since there are uncertainties, many of us will be hitting the UK roads, for a UK getaway. Camping holidays will be popular as an affordable break with greenspace, or a coastal view. It was reported in 2019 that the UK holiday park and campsite sector generates £9.3bn in visitor expenditure which is equivalent to £5.3bn GVA and over 171 000 jobs. Whether you plan to drive to your c(gl)amp site or cottage with your family, preparation is key. Let’s talk vehicle safety, before a road trip.


Vehicle Tyre Safety

Every driver knows it’s important to keep your car tyres in good condition. Legally, it’s required that tyres on cars, caravans and trailers should be at least 1.6mm throughout a continuous band in the centre 3/4 of the tread and around the entire circumference of the tyre. However, more than that, for long haul driving check the tyre pressure . Under inflated tyres can also cause more resistance, which means the engine has to work harder and the lock on effect is increased fuel consumption. Ensure that there are no cuts and defects to reduce the chance of tyre blow outs.

TIP: Reputable tyre experts will let you know what tyres need to be exchanged for new ones and which don’t.


Tyre Alignment

Another thing, before racking up the road miles check that your tyres are aligned correctly. One way to tell if your tyres are not aligned properly is they wear out faster. Additionally, tyre pressure will not be correct.


Campervan Safety

Upsizing to a campervan is a cool way to get around with the family. The kids are sure to love it! If it’s your first time, take extra care for your first few miles. Alternatively, consider taking it for a trial run.
Safety first. Even if you renting, for peace of mind you should check functions such as: oil, coolant and washer fluid levels, motorhome, smoke/CO alarm batteries and that the fire extinguisher still in date.
Websites like the Caravan and Motorhome Club has very helpful information.


However you choose to arrange your family staycation  have fun and be safe on the roads. If you have a staycation already planned comment below. Tell me all about it. What are you looking forward to most?

What was your most memorable staycation? I would love to hear all about it.


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