In my early teens, I used to fantasise about blazing down a highway in a red car, soft top down hair blowing in the wind. I never gave much thought to my destination just the car and the speed. Fast forward to now and I’m 42 years old and STILL learning to drive. I had my first lesson when I was a few months pregnant with Valentina. I stopped at 7 months, due to the size of my bump. I resumed after two years break. In that time my progress has been slow. I’m not sure what the stumbling block was but I couldn’t get beyond it. After 45+ driving lessons, I made the switch from manual to automatic.

Several weeks ago, hubby decided to it was time for me to practise my driving in the family car. I had promised once my confidence was up we could do that. However, I after all my lessons I wasn’t at that point. So he said let’s try, he’d take me to a quiet area that he knew learners practised. Sulky I got into to car the car and we set off, by the time I got behind the wheel my confidence was in my little toe. Unknown. to me and unfortunately for him, my period chose that day to make a comeback after a year. I made a very poor effort and driving, my nerves were on edge by the time we returned home I was at the bottom of a well emotionally. Once I realised why I felt the way I did that day, Hubby and I decided to try again a few weeks later. I was better but still made a lot of rookie mistakes. At that point we agreed I’d speak to my instructor about switching to automatic.

I’ve had two automatic lessons and its been a dream. Yes, I’ve got my bad habit to work on. I’ve yet to book my theory test, but I’m beginning to feel more in control. My mind is always thinking and over-thinking, my last instructor said with driving its almost like you don’t think let me follow naturally. My find doesn’t work that way it never switches off. I was always thing were to put my hand, trying to visualise were the gears were etc. I even got my lefts and rights in a muddle. The automatic has less to actions to carry out, therefore there’s less for me to think about. Perhaps I had learnt to drive when I was younger with less responsibilities it would have been easier. Hubby bought me an ole banger to practice. Wish me luck to I pass the tests and begin driving by the summer. I would mean less isolation for me and my kids and more adventures together.

Do you drive? When did you learn? Have you got a manual or automatic? Share your driving stories and tips with me. I’d love to hear from you.


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