So, its approaching three weeks that my family and I have been in our new home. We are slowly settling in but we all still feel a bit out of place at times. Angelo wants to know why we have a new house and new things. Valentina can’t yet verbalize her feelings but like her brother, she is a bit clingy at the moment. Having a garden which was one of our main reasons for moving has helped put the fun factor into having a new home for these two siblings.



Siblings’ New Home


Ang and Val are not used to having the extra space and garden. They only go out for fifteen minutes at a time but they luv it. Valentina enjoys getting dirty and has been known to put the random snail shell in her mouth (YUCK!)

Angelo is convinced he can make a stone grow. Now if only that were true! The garden features a wild and untamed look at the moment but it’s certainly a space that over the years my family and I will enjoy.



Siblings And Fair Play


As much as the kids enjoy going out into the garden, they have not mastered fair play yet. Neither one wants to wait for the other to finish their turn on the slide. Just as with the visits to the public playground,  I can see many life lessons will be learnt in that space.

If any good can come of such a situation is that Valentina has learnt to climb the steps of the slide AND how to walk up it. The more time she spends outdoors the more she matures and gains confidence using her strength and limbs. It’s a joy and a blessing to see.


Blog Hops


I’m linking this blog post to Country Kids of Coombe Mill, as well as the Superbusy Mum blog hops.  Now that its getting warmer how to you plan to spend your free time? What outdoor activity do you like to do most in the summer. It would be lovely to hear from you.


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