Angelo one year old

From as early as three months Angelo started having little tantrums. By the time he was seven months, I could see he had quite a little temper on him. After his first birthday I discussed my concerns with the health visitor. I wasn’t sure how to go about setting discipline with such a strong-willed short tempered child. I was advised that taking him out for some physical activity would help. I was also informed that children who have little language skill tend get frustrated and act out. As you can imagine, as a first time mum this ‘tid bit’ stung my maternal pride. How could she imply that my child’s language skill was limited?! Thankfully, we were also referred to a parent support group. However it was months before the course would begin. During the ‘waiting time’ I was getting to know my son better and I understood what she meant. I realized that the more mobile Angelo was and the more he could do for himself he was less stroppy. 

Angelo is now two years old and the full blown tantrums are in swing. I can almost see the cogs turning in his brain, when I try to distract. I sometimes sing Ole MacDonald, he finds that song funny because he includes the most silly things on the farm. I’d see the beginnings of a smile then the frown wrestling to come to the front. Its almost as though ‘how dare you make me laugh when I am cross’. Sometimes I ‘win’ other times I ‘lose’ . Most interesting of all is the look relief and gratitude on his face when I figure out what he wants or what he was trying to say. 

I’ve always said I’m crap at languages. Toddler speech is really testing me. I rack my brain trying to make sense of the sounds and half constructed sentences. I get down to his level, look him in the eyes and take in his gestures trying to absorb data to decipher this strange tongue. I do all that I can as this is one language I can’t fail. It makes my boy so proud to be understood. Mercifully, I’m getting better at it. His smile is proud smiles are priceless to me.

How good are you at figuring what your little one is trying to say? Does it some times lead to tantrums if you don’t? How to you deal with it?


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