As an expectant parent my work colleagues, who also had kids, put me not Kiddicare. I signed up for the newsletter but hubby and I got so many things from friends and family that we never had to buy much. However, I always kept my eyes on the updates. It was not untill earlier this year when I was invited to the Croydon branch opening that I had the full Kiddicare experience. I felt like I missed out on so much! Who know there were so many options to baby products?!  Hubby and I didn’t attended any baby shows untill Angelo was about 1 ½ years. We mainly shopped on the high street and supermarket. I was bowled over by the service and layout at the store. Some of the issues I usually get anxious about when going out with my kids were resolved at this one store.  Good connection to public transport routes- check; breastfeeding area- check; spacious shopping area- check; healthy food and snack options- check; play area- check AND affordable attractive goods- check!  Actually, even things I never considered were thought of, for example, a charming baby changing area. It makes quite a difference when baby has something engaging to focus during a nappy change. It was shortly after the launch event that I found out about the Kiddicare blog. The Kiddicare blog, like its stores is a one-stop shop for expectant parents and seasoned veteran parents because we can’t know it all.

I found the Kiddicare blog to be quite entertaining and informative.  Here are few things that impressed me at first glance:
  • It’s eye catching colours
  • User-friendly tabs which make searching the blog easier
  • There is a balance between real stories from real people and the experts
  • Product videos are easy to watch and informative 
The major sections of the Kiddicare blog are:

–          HELP ME CHOOSEreaders will find quick, easy to read and helpful articles to aid in selecting products.  Post like Top 10 nursery space-savers would be helpful for expectant  parents, as well as parents who are relocating and/or would like to redecorating.

–          Know HowAs parents we feel we must know everything but in actuality we don’t.  We can’t. Additionally, not all of us have the benefit of friends and family close by or with ‘the know’ on baby matters. The fact is goods, services and policies have changed so much over the years, it’s hard to keep on top of it all.  It’s reassuring to know that there’s a place to get expert advice on anything from thinking of getting pregnant – (no, it’s not always easily done) to packing your hospital bag. I especially like the post on Daddy Natal. There is an interview with its founder Dean, who happens to be the UK’s first antenatal male educator. In his interview,  he speaks about the role of fathers from their partner’s pregnancy to time baby comes homes. It’s refreshing to see that fathers’ views and experiences are given a forum on the blog.

–         Your storiesRead stores from real parents. Hubby and I have often asked since becoming parents, ‘Why didn’t anyone tell us?!  Well this is the place you will find answers to some of your questions from other parents. From a birth story to moving house with kids. These are all totally practical experiences that occur in everyday life.  Last year, Hubby and I moved home while I was heavily with our daughter Valentina and Angelo was 1 year 9 months old. It was mental and we still have not totally unpacked. Back then, it didn’t occur to me to seek advice online. So I’m telling you and now YOU KNOW.

–          Love this If you enjoy entering completions this is the page for you. You’ll find out about what competitions are being run.  Places that Kiddicare has been and tid bits that Kiddicare finds interesting and wish to share with their clientele.  Let’s not forget the product reviews and product videos and much more.

In essence, readers will find that the Kiddicare blog is just has customer-friendly as its stores. From my experience Kiddicare thinks of the little things and that makes the wild and amazing parenting journey just a little bit easier.

This is not a sponsored post. However, I was sent a replacement buggy for the one that was stolen from me. I’ve reviewed their blog as an act of appreciation. All the opinions stated above are my own.


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