We are seven days into 2013 and I’m still grappling with my resolutions. However, one thing is for certain, as with many women AND some men, I aim to lose weight. I’m going to work towards a size 14; I’m no longer drawn to achieving the very svelte size 8 of my teens and early twenties. I embrace my womanly curves.  It is said that research shows ‘over two thirds of women use the word “fat” to describe an area of their body although six in ten say it makes them feel more negative about themselves than more positive words such as “curvy” Today, 7th January 2013 is “Gains Day” which is Special K campaign to encourage women to focus on positive feelings when losing weight.




Special K’s Gains Day



On Saturday, I had the privilege of joining other ladies, writers and fellow bloggers, to be involved in the picture ad campaign for Special K’s “Gains Day”.  The invite could not have come at a better time. The last month has been full on; I gave birth to my second child early December then came Xmas and all the food indulgences. So right about now, I’m not feeling my best. The ‘Girls on Film’ event, allowed me some time to myself to be pampered.

Me Time




I believe that no woman/mother should feel guilty about taking some ‘ME TIME’. A happy strong woman/mother creates a happy strong family and home; well that’s my opinion anyway. Admittedly, I’m a work in progress myself. When it comes to losing weight; Sophie Colling from Special K said:

“The message is clear, the key to weight loss success is having a positive attitude and cutting out the fat talk. Using more positive language can make all the difference and can unlock the potential for a whole new outlook and attitude to life. Almost half of women surveyed said words such as beautiful, gorgeous and sexy made them feel most positive about themselves and a quarter said being described as a “real woman” made them feel good. They need to focus more on these positive feelings to successfully lose weight – thinking more about what they can gain..”

Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone with Kellogg’s Girls On Film



Today is the start of my mission to be a happier, healthier me, and I will work towards my personal slogan: #IWantToGain FREEDOM to go beyond my comfort zone.  I chose to embrace life and all that is positive in it. I am open to receiving my blessings. In case you are wondering what we got up to during the “Girls on Film” event, below are a few images from last Saturday, at the Westfield London Shopping Centre

Kellogg’s Special K
Special K’s hair makeup and photography area
My hair and makeup lady Pippa Buist
Having my colours done with Chic By Charlotte


Stand alone advertising unit


Kellogg’s Special K
‘Billboard’ Westfield London


Final Word On New Year’s Resolutions

So, what do you hope to GAIN in 2013? I’d love to hear about your aspirations and motivators. Let’s inspire each other.

If you too are working towards losing weight in a positive healthy way why not tweet Special K and share your positive feelings or visit the Special K website there you will find pointers on how achieve your slimming goals.


Please note this is not a sponsored post.
(Updated 4th June 2020)

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