Kellogg’s All-Bran is now 93 years old. Here’s hoping that I’ll work that well when I get to that age!  The brand was launched in the UK back in 1924, but was revamped two years ago. It now boasts of seven varieties to choose from.  All-Bran provides one of the types of fibres necessary for good digestion; insoluble fibre (the other is you guessed it is soluble fibre: helps prevent/treat Diarrhoea and lowers ‘bad cholesterol) which helps prevent constipation.  Research shows there are several reasons for constipation. I’ll mention only two here: busy modern life style and depression which generally slows down of the body’s normal processes.However, if you have a major concern about regularity; visit your GP for advice. Although, I didn’t have a regularity problem, I knew I needed more fibre due to the high meat protein in my diet. The Kellogg’s 5 day challenge has me feeling ‘all-bran new’!


Bowel Regularity

Bowel regularity is a sensitive topic that many will not speak about. However, its most likely women who will talk about such matters.  So, I thought I’d lighten the mood with a song.



The All-Bran Challenge 

I was curious how the All-Bran range would work for me. It was amazing! My tummy size reduced (and didn’t think I had a blotting problem) and I felt cleaner on the inside. It’s hard to explain, but it was just the way I felt.  I didn’t always have the recommended portion nor did I have it only at breakfast. It makes a great topping. So, I mainly used All-Bran as a topping for snacks. Nonetheless, I still had great results, Imagine how will it would work for someone following the challenge in its entirety. If you feel like you need a bit of support, visit the All-Bran website .

On the website you will find the different varieties of All-Bran and their nutritional information, as well as daily tips to assist you in getting the best out of the challenge.

For my challenge I tried two types for variety: Red Berry Crunch and All-Bran Original. Here are some of the creations I came up with for my challenge:

Plain yogurt, mango slices & honey topped with All-Bran Original


Plain yogurt, fresh strawberries & honey topped with Red Berry Crunch


Plain yogurt, honey& M&M topped with All-Bran Original


Plain yogurt fruit salad & honey topped with All-Bran Original


In conclusion

Well, that’s how I had my All-Bran. Based on the results All-Bran will have a regular place on my grocery list. Why not try it and pop back let me know how it was for you. What creations will you try with yours?


Further Reading:

Please note this is not a sponsored post, however I did receive the products to trial after attending a product information morning, as well as spa day treat.  All the opinions stated are my findings from using the product over a five days period.


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