Hurrah the summer school hols is here! Now I know not every parent is as excited as I am. The dread of how to keep the kids entertained for next 6 weeks sparks dread in the heart.  Working parents may have the worry of what to do with the kids. Sometimes, kids go to camp, the childminder or a parent takes holidays during this time.  Don’t fret if you can’t get the tine off. Make the weekends special. The other concern is the cost of keeping the kids entertained.  Here are a few tried and tested things my family and I do during the summer, best suited for 5 to 10 year olds.

Going Outdoors For The Summer Holidays

After months of school and adhering to school rules and homework kids need to let loose. There’s no better place to let loose then in the great outdoors.  Give them time and space to get loud, messy and free.  You can:

  • Wildflower spotting.  You can download the charts from the Plantlife website. They have sheets for all the seasons. Why not add your town twist to make it special
  • Get involved become a Back Yard Nature Guardian (this one is new to us but we’ll be signing up)The missions ‘Backyard Nature is helping children (and their grown-ups) to make a real difference to the planet. How? By providing them with the tools they need to protect their own patch of nature – even if they live in the heart of a city. Backyard Nature Guardians will also take on seasonal missions that focus on protecting wildlife that really needs our help.’
  • Bug Butterfly Count you can download the sheets and spot all through the summer or a day out, and then enter your findings. There’s even a free app!
  • Visit a National Trust park or woodland go to their website, enter your post code to find an attraction close to you, or venture out to a new are for adventure.
  • Pick Your Own farms it’s fun and a learning experience for kids to see where some of their food comes from. There is a cost but it’s cheaper than buying a box of strawberries in the grocery.  On our last visit we spent £15 which was the cost of entry (which was redeemable at purchase) small basket of strawberries, carrots and sugar snaps.


Beach Life

Beach beach did I say beach!   Far from the Crowd or for a balance of attractions long with the sea, think rock pooling, surfing, swimming, building sandcastles, game of volleyball or catch. Believe it or not there are beaches in the UK that are as stunning as the Caribbean, even if the water is not always at warm. There are beaches in Pembrokeshire that have gorgeous golden sands.

Summer Holidays Indoors/rainy day options


As much we enjoy being outdoors, we always have a few indoor options. You never know when weather will turn suddenly it’s hailing and raining. These are my safe cost-effective options:

  • Museum and art galleries (visit website for summer activities)
  • Arts and Crafts ( get inspo from YouTube and Pinterest)
  • Bus rides to spot local historical attractions (best on double decker and the ole route master buses
  • Playdates  (board games evening, Just Dance, Lego)


Do you have any tried and true activities you enjoy doing with your kids?  Feel free to share them with us in the comment box below, whether it’s indoors outdoors.


(update 8th May 2020)


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