As you may already know, after four years break I recently returned to the gym a few weeks ago. I’ve been having a wonderful time because the gym has always been an important part of my pre-children lifestyle. My local gym began running a campaign which made joining affordable, so I enquired about the terms. Upon enquiry I found out monthly membership entitled me free crèche for up to two hours. I’m now a happy gym member again. Although, I’m enthusiastic about keeping fit and losing weight, to maintain the momentum I mix-up my regime.  Last week, I was delighted to receive a bulletin from Tots100 regarding a keep fit event. As it turns out  it was a #newmumfitness event which was collaborative venture with Kimberly Wyatt (former Pussycat Doll and reigning champion of Master Chef UK) , with  Instructor Live and Kiddicare.

I’ve found Kiddicare to be a brand that strives to support parents to be the best they can be. Their blog is full of useful information about various aspects of parenthood. Kiddicare’s #newmumfitness campaign is no different. It  provides information from getting started, to gym kit, to jogging buggies and more. On the day of the #newmumfitnesss event, bloggers, magazine writers  and editors were invited to trial Instructor Live’s workout with Kimberly Wyatt and Glenn Ball. The 24 minutes workout packed a punch! I was relieved when Angelo (who attended with me) needed a toilet break. Nonetheless I thoroughly enjoyed the session. It had a dance element to it which I quite liked. I prefer to have fun while I workout. It feels less of a chore. Please view the video clip below for a taster of what attendees experienced on the day. We also share our thoughts on the programme.

After the workout showcase, we attended a Q&A session. On the panel were:

It was beneficial to hear from Postnatal Fitness Instructor, Margarita Bennett’s, experience about the ‘injuries’ that some mums sustain during pregnancy and after childbirth. She stressed the importance exercise aid in the healing process. It was driven home that new mums must get the all clear from their GP before starting a regime and then take it slow at first. I felt Kimberly was passionate about getting the idea across that mums should do what’s best for them at their own pace. She advised ‘do you’ and have fun with it. Dan Cartner from spoke about having the appropriate gym gear to fit the regime and new body needs. It’s necessary that new mum’s body has the appropriate supportive clothing.

Here are few images from the #newmumfitness event. You can find more on The Tiger Tales Facebook page.

Instructor Live

Additionally for more information on Kimberly Wyatt’s #mumonamission campaign click here for her Q&A with Kiddicare.

Instructor Live was described as the Netflix of keep fit. You can register for 10 days trial free, cancel anytime. Monthly subscription cost £5.99. Instructor Live allows registrants to select the programme they want. Choose from: lose weight; sculpt and tone; general fitness and more. You can get social and follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. They post motivational workout quotes, mini workout, competitions etc Although the event was promoted as new mum fitness, the routine is suitable for all whom who want to keep fit and are physically fit to do so. It’s always advisable to speak to your GP before starting an exercise programme.

Many thanks to Kiddicare, Kimberly Wyatt, Instructor Live for a wonderful keep fit experience. Special thanks to Tots100 for keeping parent bloggers in the know.


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