I’ve battled with my weight for years.  Portion control is probably my biggest problem, especially when I’m not I a good place emotionally. For as long I can remember, I comfort ate. When I shed my excessive ‘baby fat’ at age 10, everyone marvelled at my transformation which was the result.  After that I was anxious about regaining any fat. Fortunately, I had a 15 minutes walk down a winding hill to secondary school and a 15 walk back after school. By my mid-teens I began exercising at home. My food sins were kept under wraps. At University I made use of the gym facilities and there began my love affair with the gym. At one point I was in the gym at least 4 times weekly for 2 hours. This was my golden time. I had optimum body confidence. In my late 20’s I moved to England, got married had kids left the gym and my food sins were brought to light. My weight loss journey (weight management) is on going


Gradual Weight Gain

Over the past 20 years I’ve gained 69 pounds. I’ve gone from a UK size 8 to a 16-18. For a while my height and figure flattering styles helped to camouflage my growing size. Then came the aches, pains, the double chin, AND the damning photographic taken by a friend at the start of summer. It was time to take action. I’m not obese. However, I am over weight. Coming from a family where hyper tension and diabetes is a problem on both side of the family tree, I have to health-aware. I’m on a mission to get fit, lose weight and get healthy again.


First Gym Session

I’ve joined a gym and I’ve found a weight lost plan on the NHS website. It’s been one week and already, I feel better. Baring work out pains, I’m ache fee. I’m counting my calories, so I’m more aware of how much I ate. I feel more positive, confident, alert and happy.

My target is to lose 21 lbs by Christmas. As I type these are my stats:

Weight: 191 lbs

Height: 173 cm

Waist: 40 inches

Bra Underband: 40 inches

I aim to lose at least 1 lb per week. If stick that I’m well on my way to success to my new svelte figure in time for winter festive season. And back to being the woman I used to be.

Please visit my Instagram and Facebook pages to see what meals, snacks and beverages I have. I’ll also share health tips I discover along the way, not to mention product reviews. This is my weight loss journey.



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