Back in August 2012, I reviewed Johnson’s Skin Perfecting Oil, I began using the product in early June to aid in the management of my stretch marks. I was in the first trimester of my second pregnancy. By August when I was six months pregnant, I was thoroughly happy with the product.  However, I wanted to post a follow up for my readers, in order to show whether or not the product lived up to its claims. In my experience IT DID! Johnson’s Skin Perfecting Oil does perfect the skin.

I used Johnson’s Skin Perfecting Oil from June 2012 to early December 2012. Not only did it lighten my existing stretch marks but I developed minimal new ones which is a miracle considering my bump was much bigger than the first time around.

See the results for yourself. Below are a few images of my bump at various stages during and after my pregnancy.


July 2012
August 2012
October 2012


Nov 2013


Viewer BEWARE… post baby flab on display up close and personal…

but then again I don’t have a celebrity personal trainer and make-up artist on hand. This is me all natural, five weeks after the birth of my daughter Valentina. She was born first week in December 2012.

January 2013 (5 wks after pregnancy)

For more information on Johnson’s Skin Perfecting Oil and other products, you can visit their website AND stay in the loop via Twitter.

Thank you Johnson’s! I have a good start back to having reasonably fab abs… once I start working-out that is!

Please note that this is not a sponsored post.

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